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Fee Schedule

Savings (Prime Share)
Account renumbering $50.00
Close account within 30 days of opening $20.00
Checking (Share Draft)
Checking w/Interest below minimum balance $ 5.00 each month
Copy of check (2 FREE per statement cycle) $ 2.00
Copy of check (same day) $ 4.00
Monthly service fee (Business/Organization acct) $10.00
 Check (share draft) orders varies
NSF Fees (including paid NSF fees)
ATM overdraft $30.00
Automatic debit (ACH) $30.00
Overdraft privilege/Debit Card Advantage - Paid NSF $30.00
Debit card overdraft $30.00
Check overdraft $30.00
Uncollected check overdraft $30.00
Stop Payment Order
Automatic debit (ACH) $30.00
Post-dated check $30.00
Series of checks $30.00
Check $30.00
Stop payment renewal $10.00
Certificates of Deposit
Early withdrawal penalties for certificates of deposit will be imposed as forfeiture of interest based on the original term of the certificate or $20.00, whichever is greater:  
1 Year or less 31 days of interest
Over 1 Year, but less than 5 Years 90 days of interest
5 Years or more 180 days of interest
Individual Retirement Account
Close account prior to age 59 1/2 $10.00
Any costs incurred by the credit union to recover cancelled or revoked card(s) will be passed onto the member.
Credit Card late payment fee (after 10 days) $15.00

Reissue Card Fee

Reissue Card PIN

$ 10.00 ea card

$ 5.00 ea card

Rush order replacement card $45.00
Design Your Own Card $9.95/image change
Rush order replacement card (24 hr) $85.00
Sales draft copy $ 5.00
Statement copy $ 5.00
Foreign transaction fee 1% of U.S. dollar amt of transaction
ATM Fee (See listing for exempt ATMs) $1.00
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit $30.00
Statement Request from ATM (ATM owner(s) may charge an additional fee) $0.50
Levies, garnishments $50.00
Subordination agreement $100.00
Consumer loan late fee (after 10 days) $15.00
Mortgage loan late fee 5% of scheduled principle and interest payment
Telephone Transfers / cudonline / Call 24
C.U.D check via cudonline/Call 24 (4 Free per month) $ 1.00
Collection items (Domestic/Canada Incoming & Outgoing) $20.00
Collection items (International outgoing) $25.00
Commercial Money Order (CMO) $20.00
Credit Union bylaws (members only) $10.00
Credit Union offical check  (1 Free per month per for CUD members only)) $ 1.00
Non-member official check $10.00
Loan Payment Coupons (12) $5.00/year
Currency (special large cash orders) $ 1.50 per $1000
Credit Union policy manual (members only) $50.00 or $5.00 on disk
Dormant account (after first 12 months) $12.00/year
Money Orders $ 2.00 ea
Notary fee $ 2.00 per document for non-members
Photocopies $ 0.20 per copy
Reconciliation (ie: check registers, credit statements) $50.00 per hr
Research $50.00 per hr
Returned items $15.00
Returned items self-to-self $20.00
Returned mail/Bad Address $ 5.00/mo
Rolled coin purchase (amounts over $100) $ 1.50 per $100, plus $0.06 per roll
Cash ordering is not provided to non-members  
Statement copy $ 5.00 per statement
Taking or jamming canister (drive-up) $75.00
Wire transfer (International) $40.00
Wire transfer (Domestic) $20.00
Safe Deposit Box
3" X 5" Box $20.00 per year
3" X 10" Box $35.00 per year
5" X 10" Box  (Currently out of stock) $50.00 per year
10" X 10" Box (Limited stock available) $75.00 per year
Drill fee $155.00
Safe Deposit Key fee $10.00
Safe Deposit Lost Key fee $20.00
Safe Deposit Late fee $10.00

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