2016 C•U•D Coloring Contest Winners!

We received over 50 entries this year! Out of that 50, we randomly selected two winners from all the entries received from the girls and boys from the 2016 coloring contest.

Our 2016 Girl Winner:
2016 CUD Coloring Contest Winner _ Girl standing with a 5ft stocking filled with toys.
A five (5) year old, Julia M. was pulled as our winner. When we called her number, her parents were with her in the lobby opening up the youth account they came to do on the Santa Youth Event. What timing!!!
She was so excited! She is super sweet and said Thank You and Merry Christmas to us all! Her parents plan to put her in the stocking to take a picture in front of their tree at home. She will fit!

Our 2016 Boy Winner:
2016 CUD Coloring Contest Winner _ Boy standing with a 5ft stocking filled with toys.

Jaydon V. is our 9 years old winner. He came in with his grandma, Geraldine. She lives around the corner, but didn’t know when she would have her grandson back to see her before Christmas. He lives in Brighton, so we offered to make a delivery trip so he could get his stocking before Christmas, but he surprised us and showed up with his grandpa. He was tickled to pieces and couldn’t stand still upon hearing the news that he won the 5ft. stocking!

Thank you all for everyone who participated in the 2016 Holiday coloring contest!