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2022 Election Official Call for Nominations

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to run a business with over $1 billion in assets and over 60,000 members? Are you looking for a way to use your talent and insight to give something back to your community? That’s what Credit Union of Denver’s volunteers do.

Volunteers are the backbone of Credit Union of Denver. Since 1931, the credit union has provided value and financial stability to its members. This accomplishment can be attributed to the past and present volunteers. 

Volunteers determine the direction of the credit union and approve policies that govern the credit union’s operations and growth. By becoming a volunteer, you can develop your knowledge and skills to help your not-for-profit credit union continue to grow and respond to members’ needs.

As a member of the credit union, you are eligible to run for an elected office if you are at least 21 years of age, insurable, and a member in good standing. In addition, you must be genuinely interested in the future of your credit union, provide leadership, and serve the members and community by demonstrating sound judgment in financial and business matters. 

Basic Functions of the Board of Directors, Supervisory and Credit Committees  

Board of Directors - Board members are responsible for establishing policies for the credit union operations and activities. They provide leadership through sound judgment in business and financial matters involving members and the community. The Board of Directors meet once a month. Board members also serve on various committees that meet occasionally as needed. Three, 3-year term positions are open on the Board of Directors.

Supervisory Committee – Supervisory Committee is responsible for the accurate financial reporting and safe-guarding members’ assets through auditing and supervision of our operations as governed by the bylaws and the state and federal regulators. This committee meets once a month. Three, 3-year term positions are open on the Supervisory Committee.  

Credit Committee - Credit Committee members are responsible for evaluating member loan requests on a fair and impartial basis. The Credit Committee must ensure compliance with relevant state and federal laws that affect lending guidelines. This committee meets monthly and corresponds via email once a week or as often as needed. Two, 3-year term position are open on the Credit Committee.  

For more information on how to get started, or to get in touch with a Nomination/Election Committee Member, please contact Katie Danek-Sodt at 303.239.1113.

Nominations close Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 5:00 pm

May 2021 – May 2022 Nomination/Election Committee

Michael Chevarria – Chairman
Lee Allen - Vice Chairman
Gary Grimstvedt- Board Member 
Aimee Cucarola - Supervisory Committee Rep 
Julie Bellot - Credit Committee Rep 

Committee Liaison and Staff Contact:  Katie Danek-Sodt, 303.239.1113

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