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New Credit Card Management Site

We are excited to announce that starting October 12th, C·U·D has a new credit card management website for our members.  The new site is known as DXO or Digital Xperience Online and is linked through our website, online banking and mobile banking. The updated website is a modern, streamlined version of what we currently offer, plus some new features for our members to enjoy.

mobile image of card access site

Here are some of the benefits the new site interface will bring:

  • Formatted for Mobile
    • ​Unlike our current credit card website where you must pinch and zoom to see the page, the new site will format to fit screens of all sizes to provide an easy viewing experience.
  • Card Lock
    • You will be able to lock, and unlock your credit cards online 24/7. Just in case you misplace your card, you can protect your credit.
      image of platinum card art
  • Lost or Stolen
    • You can report your credit cards lost or stolen anytime, no call required! The system will walk you through a quick and easy process of reporting your card, ordering a new card, and filing disputes for unauthorized transactions that may have occurred. All recent transactions will be displayed, and you simply click on any transactions that were not authorized. Example below:

image of card site about transactions

When the switch is made, your current enrollments will carry over to the new site. And, just like before, you will still be able to choose between two different access options:

Single Sign On (SSO): This is the recommended method. You can access your credit card management site through online banking, and mobile banking by using the same login credentials you already use. This will automatically sign you into the new card interface.

Direct Sign On (DSO):  Your credit card interface can be accessed directly through a link on our website, under Make Payments. If this is a new access point for you, you will have to setup a unique username and password that is separate from online banking and it will only grant you access to the card interface. If you have already managed your cards this way, you won't have to re-register. 

If you have any trouble with the switch over to the new site, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to work through the steps with you - 303.234.1700 or 800.279.3288.

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