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Election Results

This year, the Call for Nominations process resulted in the same number of candidates as open positions for the Supervisory Committee. Per policy, no vote of the membership was needed and all three were elected by acclamation. I’d like to congratulate Laura Avila, Jacque Ganger and Robin Morthland for their re-election to the Supervisory Committee.

For the Board, we had six candidates run for four open positions, one incumbent and five other candidates. There were three, 3-year terms open and one, 1-year term open. Per policy, the three candidates with the most votes received the 3-year terms. Those candidates are Kris Sapp, Russel Smith and Carl Bingham. Pauline Borquez received the 1-year term. Congratulations to each of you!

Lastly, for the Credit Committee we had three candidates run for two open positions, two incumbents and one other candidate. There were two, 3-year terms open for the Credit Committee. We’d like to congratulate Ken Maxey and Tara Washington, for their re-election to the Credit Committee.

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