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Auto | Motorcycle

Get that new ride feeling!

Credit Union of Denver Auto Loans offer several different options to support your individual needs. Here are a few options:

Looking to purchase a new car, truck, SUV, or find a new-to-you vehicle? We have great auto loan rates and favorable terms to help you get what you want.

Are you looking to refinance your current vehicle? Use the vehicle you drive now as collateral to get a cash out loan to pay off higher interest debt. We can help you with that too! It's called an Auto Equity Loan. It's that same as a regular auto loan, just using your current vehicle.

If you would like to refinance your current auto loan from another provider, Credit Union of Denver Auto Loans have great options to help put cash in your pocket. We pay you to bring over auto/RV/Motorcycle loans that are over $10,0003. More details are on the refinance page.

We have other resources that can assist you with auto buying:

We have an Auto Buying Concierge service offered through MyCarGalCheryl. To make shopping for a vehicle easier, we have collaborated with Cheryl Mensch to help our members find just what they are looking for. Cheryl has been working with our members for decades. Members will still save 0.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) off their approved auto loan rate when they purchase through MyCarGalCheryl and finance with C∙U∙D.  Give her a call at 720.282.9977 or email at

We also have first time buying options, auto insurance, extended warranty, GAP Insurance, and loans for classic cars and trucks. Apply online or contact us directly – we’ll help you get started.

Are you paying too much for insurance? Get a free quote, via Liberty Mutual. Contact Rebekah Wright at 616.350.3441. Plus, don't forget to review the Insurance Requirements for our auto loans.

If you use your personal vehicle for a driving service (Uber, DoorDash, etc.) you will need extra insurance to protect your assets. Please read this blog post for more information. 

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New and Used Auto Loans

Current Best Rate: 6.25% APR2
(as of 05/15/2024)

Payment example: For Vehicle Loan of $10,000 for 60 months at the best rate of 6.25% APR = monthly payment of $194.49.

We provide lending on autos whether you buy through a dealership or a private party. We suggest that you do your homework on the auto you are considering before you take possession. Check out this article from Autotrader on the pros and cons of both.

Give us a call at 303.202.5659 | 800.280.0234 or email us at

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Classic Auto Loans1

Credit Union of Denver provides financing for Classic Cars and Trucks. Due to the specific nature of these vehicles, they may require an appraisal. If you are interested in purchasing an “older beauty”, please give our loan specialists a call to understand what the next steps are for this loan at 303.202.5659 | 800.280.0234 or email us at

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First Time Auto Buyer Program 

Our First Time Auto Buyer Program is designed for those who have little to no credit and are ready to purchase their first vehicle. Check out all the great information we have compiled for your convenience.

Bring Your Auto or Motorcycle Loan over to Credit Union of Denver and Get Paid!

Auto Refi Special. 90 days no payements + $300 Cash + 3%25 APR Off your current rate.

Bring your qualified auto loan2 from another financial institution over to us to refinance and receive:

  • $300 Cash, plus
  • an opportunity to take a 3 month payment vacation, and
  • take at least 3% APR off your rate3

Plus Enjoy

Give us a call at 303.202.5659 | 800.280.0234 or email us at

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Auto Equity

Auto Equity Loan. Model car on stacks of money.

What is Auto Equity? It is the current value of your vehicle minus any loan amount owed on it. Whether you own your vehicle free and clear or have paid it down, you may have “equity” that you can cash out by financing it with C·U·D.

An Auto Equity Loan is a fixed rate and term loan using your vehicle as collateral. Simply put, an Auto Loan. Use your cars equity for other expenses at a better interest rate than most credit cards.  

Here's the breakdown with an example. Book Value of your vehicle is $20,000 Subtract loan amount (if any) - $5,000 = Equity available to use $15,000.

Auto Loans typically have a lower interest rate and you can use the accrued equity to fund the things you want to do for less. Things like a trip to the beach, or paying off higher interest rate debt, school expenses, medical bills, etc. What would you do with some extra cash?

Give us a call at 303.202.5659 | 800.280.0234 or email us at

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Person riding on their motorcycle on a curvy mountain road.

New/Used Motorcycle Loans         

Current Best Rate: 6.99% APR2
(as of 05/15/2024)

We have competitive rates on new or used motorcycles loans! Or refinance your current motorcycle and potentially lower your rate! Ask about our refinance specials. Or if you are looking for cash out, use a clear title as collateral to use the equity.  Our loan specialists will be happy to discuss all your options.

Give us a call at 303.202.5659 | 800.280.0234 or email us at

Payment example: Loan Amount $15,000 for 60 months at the best rate of 6.99% APR = payment of $296.95 per month

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1 An appraisal of a Classic Auto may be required. 

2 Loan qualification and (APR) Annual Percentage Rate based on individual credit worthiness. Not all borrowers will qualify for the best rate and terms may vary on amount financed. Rates are subject to change. Insurance Requirements.

3 3% off your current APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for auto, truck, or motorcycle loans from outside Credit Union of Denver (C·U·D). With approved credit and floor rates apply. Auto refi floor rate is as low as 6.25% APR | Motorcycle as low as 6.99% APR. Not all borrowers will qualify for best rate. Rates are current as of 05/15/2024 and subject to change. 
Terms vary by vehicle type and amount financed. Rate discount & $300 valid on loans over $10,000. 3 months no payment is equal to 90 days no payment & interest will accrue from date of loan closing. $300 to be deposited into savings account within 30 days of closing. Offer available on refinanced amount only, NO CASH OUT and expires December 31, 2024. This refinance promotion does not permit a rate modification for the life of the loan. C·U·D membership of $5 is required. C·U·D reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice & current C·U·D loans not eligible for offer. Federally Insured by the NCUA.