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Interest Checking Account

Tired of extra bells and whistles? Simply earn interest! We have a few provisions, but earning interest is easy. Follow these guidelines so you can avoid the monthly fee:

  • Must keep a minimum balance of $1,000 to earn interest and avoid a $5 fee*
  • Interest paid on daily balance of 0.10% APY1

But wait – there’s more! These Free Checking Benefits are included with all of our Debit Card Checking Accounts.

Existing members, select button below based on existing account ownership. If you would like to open a checking account with different ownership, please choose the New Member button, which will prompt you to also open a new prime share. If you have more than two owners, contact the credit union at 303.234.1700 | 800.279.3288.

New Member(s) Get Started

Existing Member - Single   Existing Member - Joint

A Prime Share (savings) account with a $5.00 deposit is required for membership prior to opening a checking account. 

* If the daily balance should drop below $1,000 at any time during the month, the account will be charged a fee (as disclosed on the Fee Schedule) for that month, and the account will not accrue interest for those days where the balance is below $1,000. Interest will be calculated daily, compounded and credited monthly. Check out our current Fee schedule. Interest is paid on the entire balance provided the minimum amount of $1,000 is maintained on the account.  

1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield compounded monthly. Rates are variable and subject to change at any time. Rates current as of 11/01/2023. Fees incurred on account can reduce earnings.

Foreign Transaction Fee for all debit and credit card transactions made in foreign countries, in foreign currencies, or initiated by phone or Internet with parties located outside of the U.S. 1% fee is calculated on final settlement amount in US dollars.

Applicant(s) must clear check reporting agency. The credit union also retains the right to obtain a Credit Bureau report on each applicant.

For all Checking Account disclosures, see our Membership Booklet and Truth in Savings information located on our website at