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CUDeals from Credit Union of Denver

Get Paid to Shop with Free Cash Back

CUDeals is an innovative and free way for Credit Union of Denver members to receive cash back rewards for purchases made with your C·U·D Debit Card.* Reward offers are presented to you based on your individual shopping activity. When you select a reward AND make the required purchase at the applicable store, you will receive credit for the specified dollar amount. The total of these credits will be posted as cash back to your checking account each month. Participating vendors include Starbucks, PetSmart, Petco, Target and many more!

Here’s How it Works:

  • Offers are made by retailers for relevant cash back refunds using digital channels
  • No card numbers are shared with the retailers, and members don’t have to clip coupons to print and remember
  • The merchant will not know about the cardholder’s rewards when the cardholder is making a purchase
  • Cardholders just need to opt-in to the specific offers through Online Banking or Mobile Banking 
  • Cardholders are offered a variety of cash back rewards based on shopping history
  • The offers vary in length of duration and maximum cash back amount offered
  • You shop at the retailer using your debit then you will see the reward in your account, the month following the fulfillment of requirements
  • The cash back will be credited directly to your checking account
  • Cardholders are automatically enrolled in the program but will need to select the offers they want to accept and can opt out at any time

Steps & Things to Remember

  1. Log-in to Online or Mobile Banking and add the cash back deals from the stores and restaurants that you like. Once added, the status changes to “Ready to use.” This means you have activated the deal and are ready to shop or dine at the merchant you selected.
  2. Shop and pay with an eligible C·U·D Debit Card before the deal expires. Make sure you review the deal criteria to see if there is a minimum or maximum spend requirement or if the deal specifies in-store or online purchases only.
    • Note: The cash back deals you receive are from participating stores and restaurants in your area. We try to match available deals to the places you’ve shopped or to similar places that you might be interested in.
  3. You don’t need to sign up or enroll as CUDeals are automatically available for you if you have an eligible account. Simply choose the deals you want to add to your card, shop and pay with your eligible cards and earned cash back will be credited to your account. Earned cash back will be credited to your account the month following the transaction. To view where your cash back is credited, go to the Preferences tab within Online Banking.

Get Started

CUDeals are automatically available for you with your C·U·D checking account
Simply log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking and choose the deal offers shown that you want to add to your debit cards. Shop as usual, pay with your eligible card, and the cash back will be credited to your account! 

* Associated with eligible checking account and only at participating vendors.