Update Your Account SecuritySecure Account Padlock

Account security is one of our highest priorities and we are always working toward new ways to protect member’s accounts, while still making sure the access to their account information is convenient.

So much account business is conducted by phone, email or online these days. We have created an Account Security form to help make the verification process easier to properly identify you. When you call into our Call Center for assistance or visit our teller line, you will be asked two or three of these questions before sensitive account information is released. Our list of Security questions were specifically chosen because they are not typical answers you could find on the internet like mother’s maiden name or social security number.

Many accounts have joint owners who may not know the answers to the primary member’s security questions. Now the joint owner can complete their own Account Security form so when they contact the credit union, we can verify them specifically with their own security questions.

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You can complete your Account Security Form here. Don’t forget to have your joint owner complete one as well. If you have any questions regarding this form, you can reach our Call Center directly at 303.239.1150.