Educational articles and links to help you make the most of your financial picture while keeping your good credit intact.

Just getting started or perhaps relearning some of the basics, we have learning tools and information just for you.

We want all our members to succeed, no matter what stage of life they may be in.  Being knowledgeable about finances just makes SMART sense. We have put together articles and resources to help guide you through financial concerns and to help you be proactive in planning for your financial life.

Youth Education – The first steps

Students – Learn now, plan for success

Singles & Couples – Just starting off, choices abound 

Families – Priorities, budgeting and still planning for the future

Retirement – Priorities, budgeting and making it last

Smart Stuff – Our Blog – Continuously changing articles with the latest information for our members

You can always count on life (and the economy) to throw all sorts of challenges your way. This is why it is so important to have a good understanding of how to navigate through your financial situation now and prepare for what could be coming your way tomorrow.

An education in personal finance can begin at any age.

It is said that long before kids can grasp the concept of money, they certainly can learn about choices and priorities.  Each of our life stages provide opportunities to learn from our choices when it comes to financial literacy.

How do I get money? How is it earned? Why do I need to save it? Learning the value of money (not denomination) is often the toughest lesson. Parents can help kids, as young as toddlers learn by emphasizing the importance of making the best informed choice and base it upon what really matters to them.

At a young age, showing your child how to save their allowance or gift money for larger purchases can teach them a valuable lesson about saving and patience.  Help them by setting up a youth account so they can continue making smart money decisions well into their tween- and teenage years.

We will take you through several suggested education topics and provide you with some online tools to help guide you and those you love through understanding their financial future. Preparedness is the key to being successful and SMART in your personal financial picture.

Understanding and Establishing Credit

Life’s journey is not always a straight and narrow road. There are detours, ruts, sharp turns or steep hills, and sometimes you need financial help to navigate through the rough patches. Loans and credit cards will give you this help. Your credit record is what determines what kind of credit you will be given and at what rate. That’s why a good credit record is one of your most valuable assets, and one everyone should protect.