It’s your money-you’ve earned it, and the last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned money on bank fees. In addition, after years of saving and careful money management, you want to be sure that your funds are deposited in a financial institution that is federally insured–an institution that doesn’t invest your money in risky ventures, but does invest in its members. An institution like Credit Union of Denver.

While your focus is on continuing to build your nest egg, you need a place that’s convenient and affordable to manage your everyday banking needs, too. Our free checking with interest, free online access, free telephone banking (we call this Call24) and direct deposit for your retirement checks let you effortlessly manage your finances and pay bills without paying any account fees or maintaining minimum balances!

At CUD, our members are known by their names – not their account numbers or their balances. We treat every member with the respect and professionalism that you expect and deserve. For many of our retirees, CUD has been their financial¬†resource for many years. We’ll continue to be here for them and for YOU!

Maximizing Retirement Links

Credit Union of Denver subscribes to several credit union educational sites to assist our members with their individual financial needs.  Check out the links below for more important helpful information.

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