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At Credit Union of Denver, we are focused on helping improve our members’ lives with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity for success. Having a savings account that grows can help; after all, you never know when that rainy day will come. Whether you want to save for a special trip or the latest gadget, we have savings accounts to meet any need or lifestyle.  For long-term savings and investments, we offer Individual Retirement Accounts & Certificate of Deposits.

We are fully committed to your financial success, and we understand that each new stage of your life brings new challenges. That’s why we are here to answer your questions and provide you the tools you will need to reach your goals. First things first! We all start out with a savings account. At Credit Union of Denver that is called a Prime Share Account.

Credit Union savings Accounts: Prime Share Account

(Regular Savings) Current Rates

  • $5 balance is required for membership
  • Earns dividends (dividends paid monthly)
  • Insured to at least $250,000 by NCUA, an agency of the Federal Government*
  • Save through payroll deductions, automatic transfers or regular deposits
  • May be used as free overdraft protection (Reg. D limits apply)
  • A secondary savings account is available with the same account number & ownership
*Explanation of NCUA coverage is in our membership booklet, available online, USPS or we can email you a booklet.

Personal Savings: Multiple Share Account

A Multiple Share Account is an additional savings account with a unique number that may have the same or different ownership than the Prime Share Account.

IRA & CD Accounts

For long-term savings and investments, we offer Individual Retirement Accounts & Certificate of Deposits. To find out more information on IRAs & CDs, click here.

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We also offer the following specialized savings accounts:

Youth Savings Account

Standing Forward WebOur Youth Account is specially designed for our young members’ ages 0-17 years old. Cash is our Youth Account Mascot! We want to help our young members learn what it is to save for a special something or someone in their lives. We offer an above-market rate on balances up to $1000.00 and Cash is always around to encourage our young members to establish good saving habits. Balances over $1000.01 will earn the current prime share savings rate. The month following their 18th birthday, the Youth Account will change to a standard savings account, earning the prime share rate at that time. Please Note:  The child must be the primary account holder.  Only one Youth Account per child.  Please contact our member service department to open your new youth account(s) today.

Holiday Account

Don’t be caught off guard next holiday season! Our Holiday Account lets you save all year so you won’t feel the pinch come December. It has competitive rates and is only a $5 minimum deposit to open. It also offers the flexibility of adding funds during the year, plus, you can choose the option of payroll allocations, which save you even more time. Out of sight, out of mind, these are the words that come to mind when you are stashing a little bit of money every payroll and ensures you will have what you need for the holidays. The funds disburse to your Primary Savings Account on October 31st and will be available for use on November 1st. While this is designed for the holiday cash crunch, you could certainly use this same process to save for a special trip or other important items on your wish list. 

Prime Time Club

Our Prime Time Club is available to members aged 54 years or older, and comes with the extra benefits listed below.

  • $5.00 off each box of checks, any style, limited to one box per order
  • Free wire transfer to any location in the U.S
  • Free money orders
  • Copy services (up to ten copies per month free of charge)

Transfer to Minor Account

(Commonly known as UTMA – Uniform Transfers To Minors Act)

An account designed for children under the age of 21. The custodian of this account is the only person that may withdraw funds for the benefit of the minor. Under UTMA, an appointed custodian manages the minor’s account until the child is of age (usually 18 or 21). The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act also shields the minor from tax consequences.  Please consult your tax representative for more details.

Living Trust

A trust where the trustee holds legal title to property for a beneficiary to help avoid probate, reduce estate taxes or set up long-term property management.

Social Security Beneficiary
Representative Payee Account

This account is set up specifically for Social Security distributions for one beneficiary and administered by one representative payee as determined by the Social Security Administration. 

Money Market Account

We offer flexible tiered Money Market Accounts that earn a premium rate of return.? While these are considered a savings account type, they pay a higher rate of return than the Prime Savings Account. The Money Market account is not to be used as a transaction account, but more of a liquid nest egg. These accounts are accessible through all the normal channels like online banking, mobile banking, Call24 or in person. Remember, the more you save, the more you earn! Click here for Current Rates.

  • $1,000 Minimum (first tier that earns interest) see rate chart for details
  • Allows six (6) withdrawals or transfers per month
  • Higher balances earn higher rates compounded monthly
  • Can be utilized as an overdraft protection source


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