Bank Fees vs. Credit Union Fees

Hidden Bank Fees vs Credit Union Fees A recent article titled Hidden Bank Fees in September’s issue of AARP Magazine listed ways to bypass unexpected bank fees. In reality, the best way to bypass these unexpected bank fees is to bank with a credit union. Credit unions are unique financial businesses because they have little to no fees based on their “cooperative” structure. Paper Statement fees Some banks are now charging to mail out a monthly statement. This fee can typically range from $1 to $5. Credit Union of Denver... Read More

Share the Wealth

Refer Your Friends and Family! Now that you are taking advantage of all the great benefits Credit Union of Denver has to offer, it is time to share the wealth! Refer your friends or family to the credit union and YOU will receive $25.00 and THEY will receive $25.00 once the requirements have been met. Your friend or family member would need to open a savings and checking account with a debit card. The new member would need to have 6 debit card or check transactions within the first 60... Read More

Get paid to shop…really!

The newest addition to the Checking Account Offer(s) at C·U·D! CUDeals is a cash rewards program for purchases made with your debit card(s) at participating vendors. Reward offers are presented to you based on your individual shopping activity. Offers are made by retailers for relevant cash back refunds using digital channels. In order to receive the cash back reward, simply select a reward through cudonline or the mobile app AND make the required purchase at the applicable store. The total of these credits will be posted as cash back to... Read More

Electronic (ACH) Payment – Same Day Posting!

Important Notice of Same Day Debit processing A change in the rules governing Automated Clearing House (ACH) debits will be in effect as of September 15, 2017. This means that most types of electronic payments for debits will be eligible to process the same business day as it was originated.  So, if you initiate an electronic debit payment, you may see it clear your account sooner than you were expecting.  Make sure that you have funds available when you set up payments online or over the phone so that you... Read More

Get Your Overdraft Options in Order!

Running Low on Funds? Everyone has had that day when a purchase needs to be made, but the funds available in the checking account are extra low or nonexistent. It is important to make sure your overdraft options are in the proper order to minimize the fees your checking account could be charged in this situation. #1. Savings or Money Market Your Prime Share Savings account or Money Market is the first defense against a negative Checking account balance. It is important to note that you can use Prime Share Savings or... Read More

6 Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Web Browsing

No mouse? No problem! Save time navigating the Internet with these quick tricks. SCROLL DOWN A PAGE – Shift + Space Bar Don’t be a slave to the scroll wheel. The next time you reach the bottom of the screen while reading, hit the Space Bar to jump one screen length down. Hit it by accident? Shift+Space Bar gets you back to where you were. GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS WEBSITE YOU WERE BROWSING – Alt+Back Arrow Alt+Back Arrow is your mouse-free way of going back in time with most... Read More

2017 Back To School – Tips and more…

It’s that time of year. Kids of all ages are heading back to the classroom. Whether you have an elementary school student or a young adult going off to college, you are in planning and budget mode for the extra expenses that come this time of year. Parents, use the following ideas to help you sing for joy at the thought of kids heading back to school and not the blues due to an inevitable divot in the budget. According to the National Retail Federation, families are spending 55% more... Read More

Magic Minute – What would you do with 60 seconds in a warehouse full of gifts?

Every year we participate in the Magic Minute campaign through MasterCard® and CURewards®. It is a cool contest that gives our members a chance of winning a trip for two, all expenses paid, to Chicago and a trip through the reward warehouse! This would be so exciting to see one of our members running through the warehouse with a magic minute to select all kinds of great products. Big screen televisions, iPads, kitchen wares, music, stereos, dishes, yard tools, personal items like purses and who knows all the categories that would be available. The... Read More

Annual Membership Appreciation is a hit!

Wrap up from our annual Member Appreciation Day and Youth Event! We had our event on Saturday, June 17th at our Lakewood branch. We entertained around 300 members with about 55 kiddos. Everyone enjoyed the games, face painting, bouncing in the castle, eating hot dogs, and generally having a fun time. Our vendor/partners provided much needed and enjoyed information and drawings. Discounts were given to Costco and Sam’s club as well as through Sprint. A big THANK YOU to all our members and especially those that came out to our event. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. Please feel free... Read More