The Votes are in - Picture of a ballot box

2018 Election Results!

There were 803 valid ballots for the varied positions up for election or re-election this year. Here is a description of the basic functions of the Board of Directors, Supervisory and Credit Committees.

Board of Directors
Board members are responsible for establishing policies for the credit union operations and activities. They provide leadership through sound judgment in business and financial matters involving members and the community. The Board of Directors meet once a month and occasionally an additional meeting may be called for special matters.

The Supervisory Committee
The Supervisor Committee is responsible for the accurate financial reporting and safeguarding members’ assets through auditing and supervision of our operations as governed by the bylaws and the state and federal regulators. This committee meets once a month.

Credit Committee
Credit Committee members are responsible for evaluating member loan requests on a fair and impartial basis. The Credit Committee must ensure compliance with relevant state and federal laws that affect lending guidelines. This committee meets monthly and once a week on a rotating basis, or as often as needed.

2018 – Our Call for Nominations process resulted in fewer candidates as there were openings for the Supervisory Committee and the Credit Committee. Therefore, the candidates are considered elected by acclamation and no election by the membership was needed for these two committees.
The Supervisory Committee candidates were elected by acclamation.

  • Carl Bingham – 3 year term
  • Phil Wilson – 3 year term

The Credit Committee candidates were elected by acclamation.

  • Julie Bellot
  • Cynthia Harris
  • Tara Washington

The Board of Directors had 8 candidates run for 4 open positions. Those candidates were Scott Lamer, George Volentir, Donna Piazza, Lee Allen, Lynde Wooster, Pauline Borquez, Gary Grimstvedt and John Kendall. After the votes were counted, the four incumbents running were re-elected.

  • George Volentir – 3 year term
  • Gary Grimstvedt – 3 year term
  • Lee Allen – 3 year term
  • Donna Piazza – 2 year term.

We would like to thank all our members who took the time to vote and participate in the process. Volunteers determine the direction of the credit union and approve policies that govern the credit union’s operations and growth.


Credit unions are unique financial businesses because profits are returned to the members they serve. That’s the reason Credit Union of Denver is able to offer more competitive rates on savings and loans, and charge fewer fees.

We understand that everyone has different goals and needs, and we pledge to be there with you throughout your life stages to help you find financial solutions that fit your personal journey. You are, after all, part of our family and our entire staff is committed to delivering exceptional personal service. You’ll witness that dedication in the way we help you achieve your goals. Your membership at Credit Union of Denver will help you get more out of life with our great benefits and services to ensure you will experience an advantage when saving, investing and borrowing.