Many ways to make payments at Credit Union of Denver.
Coming very soon: We will implement a new electronic payment portal that will make payments even easier, more convenient and free. You will only need to know your routing number and account number from the outside financial institution (where the payment is coming from) and your Credit Union of Denver account number (where the payment is deposited).

After the initial roll out of the web payment portal, if you choose to have our member service team assist you with making your payments, there will be a $5 fee associated with this service.

Credit Union of Denver’s Routing Number is #307075259

Payment Options for Loans
1.  Payroll deduction from your employer
2.  ACH transfer from another institution (we can set that up)
3.  Bill pay from another institution
4.  Make a payment at our branches or any CO-OP service branch across the US
5.  Mail your payment – You can print a coupon
6.  Call the Credit Union to transfer from your account at the credit union
7.  Utilize our online banking, bill pay or Call24 to transfer your payment within accounts at C·U·D
8.  Call us to make a payment with your debit or credit card

If you are new to Credit Union of Denver, it is important to know that all borrowers are required to have a savings account with the credit union. If you financed your loan through a dealership, your account was set up.  To finalize the process, we would have sent a membership card to you to complete in order to provide you with full access to your account and loan.
If we did not receive your completed membership card, you will be unable to make payments at one of the many convenient shared branches.

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