Options include Self Service & Full Service choices:


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Payments made easy when paying from a checking or savings account outside of C∙U∙D. Must register before making a first payment. When registering, select all loans listed to ensure payment access for all. (You will need to know primary members full name, birthdate, zip code, account number, along with the routing number and account number of where the payment is coming from.)

Credit and HELOC MasterCard payments are processed through My MasterCard.


Additional self-serve options:

  1. Bill Pay from an outside financial institution
  2. Make a payment at our branches or any CO-OP service branch across the US
  3. Mail your payment – You can print a coupon
  4. Payroll deduction from your employer – Direct Deposit to C∙U∙D required
  5. My MasterCard takes payments from an outside financial institution for Credit Card and HELOC’s. (This payment option allows access to the full MasterCard account and all that is contained within.)

Full Service

Credit Union of Denver sets up or assists with the following options:

  1. Automatic electronic ACH transfer from another financial institution
  2. Call us to make a payment with your debit or credit card or an ACH transaction for a $5 convenience fee. 303.239.1150 or 800.279.3288
  3. Call us to set up cross account transfer from one C∙U∙D account to another C∙U∙D account, then utilize our online banking or Call24 to transfer your payment.

Credit Union of Denver’s Routing Number is #307075259


If we did not receive your completed membership card, you will be unable to make payments at one of the many convenient shared branches.

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