old Non-EMV cards are no longer able to be used

Old Debit Cards (non EMV) have been turned off

Credit Union of Denver (along with the majority of financial institutions in the USA), have replaced old magnetic strip only cards with the new, more secure, EMV Chipped Cards. All EMV debit cards were delivered to members last year, therefore, after an extended period of time to allow members to activate their new cards and after repeated announcements about this action, on May 1st we closed down all existing non-EMV debit cards.

If your debit card is not working and you need assistance, please follow these instructions.
If you have not received your MasterCard® EMV Chipped Debit Card yet, you should give us a call at 303.963.1340 or 800.279.3288.

If you have your new EMV Chipped Debit Card – make sure to follow these steps before you use your new Debit EMV Card:

  1. Activate the card and set your PIN. One phone call using the phone number on the sticker on the card. You may chose the same PIN as you use now, but it must be set on the new card number.
  2. Cut up your current debit card so no one can use it fraudulently.

Give us a call, during business hours, for any additional questions or assistance – 303.963.1340 or 800.279.3288.