Important Reasons to Review Your Monthly Statements


We realize that many members don’t “balance” their checkbooks any more. It seems to be a lost art since online banking has become the new way to review your account activity. However, there is still value to reviewing your monthly statement even if you do login to online banking every day. Below is a list of reasons and items to look for when reviewing your monthly statement.

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Reasons to review statements

  1. Review account history for fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. You only have 60 days to dispute these transactions so it is best to notice and act on them quickly.
  2. Make sure deposits and/or payments you’ve made have posted as you intended. This will help prevent insufficient fund fees, late fees and late payments.
  3. Review the rates you are earning or paying. Online banking activity doesn’t show you the rates, but your statement will clearly list these amounts for you.
  4. If you have one of our Reward Checking Accounts, your statement will show you what requirements you met and what rewards you are eligible to receive for that particular month. If you fell short of a requirement, the statement will summarized which requirement wasn’t met. This way you can make the necessary adjustments to reach the requirements and receive the reward the following month.
  5. It is important that the credit union has your current address. You can review your statement to make sure your address is correct. If there is not an address listed under your name at the top of each statement page, there is an issue and it is best to contact the credit union to help prevent being charged the monthly $5.00 Bad Address fee.
  6. The credit union will create important statement messages, which will appear at the top of each statement page. These messages will be important notices or great promotions that you will likely want to take advantage of.


Taking a few minutes to examine your statement each month could help you save time, money and future frustration. If you opt-in to receive eStatements, your statement will be available on the first business day of each month, having eStatements reduces the amount of paper used, which is always beneficial to our environment and eStatements help keep your account information secure since getting lost in the mail isn’t an option. You can opt-in for eStatement through online banking by hovering over Online Services and clicking on eStatements.