When it comes to smart banking, all our financial services are designed around our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. Period. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success. Our financial solutions are intended to help create better lives, whether it is personal banking, loans, or insurance, we have something for all your needs. All with convenience and dedicated service.


Personal Banking – With convenient and accessible services with the widest range of features at the lowest cost. Whether it is checking, savings, credit cards, IRAs, or more, we have smart solutions to fit your personal banking needs.


Loans – Home loans, personal loans or even loans for your business, car or ATV. We have loans for almost anything – all at the right rate for you.


Insurance  – We can help you find the right insurance product that work best for you. Whether it is auto, motorcycle, homeowners or even life or accidental death, our experts have the smart solutions for your needs.


Safe Deposit Boxes – Credit Union of Denver has a variety of sizes of safe deposit boxes to choose from. Located at our Alameda branch, in Lakewood,  we offer safe deposit boxes for our members to keep important documents, jewelry, heirlooms or other important personal items. While they are not insured, they are kept in a locked vault that is protected within the credit union. If you have a need to obtain a safe deposit box, please contact us or ask when you visit our branch for availability.

Sizes available are and annual cost:
3″ x 5″          $20
3″ x 10″        $35
5″ x 10″        $50
10″ x 10″      $75

Drill Fee for accessing the box is $155.
New key fee when you are set up is $10.
Lost key fee is $20.
Late payment fee is $10.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these safe deposit boxes. We are here to help.

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Those are just some of the service products we offer. But, as a member, you also have access to resources and educational programs that help you achieve your financial goals. No matter your stage of life, we can help you plan for the future.


Plus, with our online and mobile banking, we are always convenient and ready to meet your needs – anytime and anywhere. You are never far from us with all our locations, nationwide shared branches and over 30,000 free ATMs.


Experience freedom with our online banking!

cudonline offers you free and convenient ways to do your banking or get information about your accounts all from the comfort of your home, your business or wherever you go! It’s easy to use, it’s secure and all you need is access to the Internet to keep track of your account(s).


As one of the top credit unions in Colorado, you have 24-hour access to your account information all from the comfort and convenience of your own computer, tablet, or phone. It’s the perfect way to stay organized.

When you login to your online account, you will see several tabs along the top navigation bar. These will give you easy access to tools that will assist you in the many facets of managing your money.

  • Accounts transfers, make loan payments, access eStatements, export your data, dashboard and summary.
  • Bill Pay one time and reoccurring payments.
  • Online Services eStatements, check withdrawal, check copies, check reorders, set up alerts.
  • Debit Card Advantage Opt-in/Opt-Out defines all the safety net options for you to use.
  • MoneyDesktop a personal financial management tool.

Single Sign On
with cudonline.com and MasterCard®
Instead of logging into your HELOC or Credit Card from the cudonline link or direct through the My MasterCard link, you can access your card account from cudonline directly. You will not have to sign in, but instead the system will validate you through your cudonline login.

Something to note: Your MasterCard Credit or HELOC account is linked to your primary account but may have different ownership. For example; John Doe could have a joint account with Mary but the MasterCard is in John’s name only. Due to privacy concerns, please take the time to check your ownership so that you will be able to limit the view of your MasterCard from your prime account joint owner if you so choose. You may contact us at 303.239.1150 or 800.279.3288 if you are unsure about the ownership and potential restrictions. The access from our home page of the website (My MasterCard) will still be in place for utilization by joint card owners. If the ownership is the same on the card account as it is on the prime account, great, you or both of you will see your card linked within cudonline and will be able to access the card information without a separate login. Read Our HELOC Disclosures Here.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your account for this capability.

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View and/or print your statements right on-line on the first business day of the month, including statements back to 2001! It’s a safer and more secure choice than a paper statement delivered to your mailbox and there is no chance of mail theft.

  • Access eStatements through your online banking dashboard. They are free and will save you time – you can access them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or whenever it’s convenient for you!
  • Your account information is password protected and more secure.
  • It provides a great convenient access for obtaining old statements. No more old copies taking up your filing cabinet.

Bill Pay

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to write a check again!

  • Pay bills free in a fraction of the time, with the click of your mouse.
  • Save money on buying checks, envelopes and stamps.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’re in control of your finances.
  • Schedule bills to be paid one time or reoccurring with the amount you choose on the date you choose.
  • Your information is protected by the latest security measures.
  • Access your transaction history and pending payments 24 hours per day.

Online Security

Be Smart and Be Safe!

Scammers, hackers, and identity thieves are looking to steal your personal information… not to mention your money. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself, like keeping your computer software up-to-date and only giving out your personal information when you have a good reason. Read more tips to help your information stay secure.

We strive to keep you updated on the latest security risks so you can be in the know. As we gather information on scams, security risks, etc. we will post information on our web alerts or on the security/fraud section of our website.

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