Low Rate Loans in Denver

At Credit Union of Denver, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to succeed.  And, sometimes that means getting the right loan at the right rate. We pride ourselves on the ability to secure some of the best rates for all your personal loans. Whether it is for that new home, car or even if you just need a little something to pay off other debts, we may be able to help.

Auto, Motorcycle, and RV Loans

We have amazing loan options and rates to help you get into the ride of your dreams and hit the road. Take a look at what we have to offer and apply. Use our car loan calculator to see how much you can afford.

Home Loans

art of the American dream is owning your own home. We have several home loan options including first and second mortgages. Explore your options and get the ball rolling now.

ATV & Trailer Loans

reat rates are available on your “other wheels” with special rates.

Low-Interest Personal Loans

We have loans that are just that, personal. Could be used for that family vacation or education. Whatever your needs, we have personal loans to fit them!

MasterCard Lines of Credit

Our credit cards come in several different formats. MasterCard Black Platinum is our low rate, low to no fee credit card. If you need to rebuild your credit, try our Secured MasterCard. Our Design Your Own Card is available if you want to put your personal stamp on the look of your credit card.

Business Loans

If you own a business or have the dream of hanging out your own shingle, we can help. We work with Centennial Lending who provides our members with competitive rates and can assist your business to get going and grow!  Let their loan experts help you today. We want nothing more than to see you and your dreams succeed. Feel free to contact them to start the process.  All with no worries and no hassles. Let them pre-qualify you today! If you would prefer to use a personal loan, then our in house loan representatives can help you with that process.

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New Credit Union Loan?

All borrowers are required to have a savings account with the credit union. If you financed your loan through a dealership, we are setting up your savings account and vehicle loan. To finalize the process, we would have sent a membership card to you to complete in order to provide you with full access to your account and loan with the ability to make a payment from outside the credit union.

Payment Options for Loans

1.   Payroll deduction from your employer
2.   ACH transfer from another institution (we can set that up)
3.   Bill pay from another institution
4.   Make a payment at our branches or any CO-OP service branch across the US (CO-OP access available after first 30 days)
5.   Mail your payment – You can print a coupon from our website
6.   Call the Credit Union to transfer from your account at the credit union
7.   Utilize online banking, bill pay or Call-24 to transfer your payment within accounts at CUD
8.   Call us to make a payment with your debit or credit card (while we do not charge a fee, your card issuer may charge for this service)

Colorado State Law requires Automobile Insurance on all vehicles.

CUD requires full coverage insurance when you have a loan on an automobile financed with us. Your deductible should be no larger than $1,000. For further details, please consult your loan officer or your insurance agent. If you don’t have an insurance agent, we offer group rates on Auto/Home Insurance that may save you more money.

Licensing for your Car
If your temporary license plate expires before you receive notification from the Motor Vehicle Department in your county of residence, please contact that county clerk to find out the status and to possibly apply for an extension. For more information go to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

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