Here is what you can expect from Credit Union of Denver

Credit Union of Denver will mail 1099INTs the last week in January. You will only receive a 1099INT if you earned $10.00 or more worth of dividends in 2018. If you have multiple accounts that you are a primary member on with the credit union, we will add up all the dividends associated with your social security number and combine them into one 1099INT.

You can review your December 2018 statement to see if you should expect to receive a 1099INT. This information can be found on the last page of your statement under the TOTAL YTD DIVIDENDS field. If this field shows $10.00 or more, we are sending you a 1099INT.

The 1098s will also be mailed out the last week in January. You will only receive one if you paid more than $600.00 worth of interest on your mortgage or HELOC loans. You can find how much interest you paid to your mortgage loan by reviewing the mortgage portion of your statement. Toward the bottom of this section you will find a YTD FINANCE CHARGE PAID. If this is $600.00 or more, we will be sending you a 1098.

If you have a HELOC with the credit union and paid more than $600.00 worth of interest, your 1098 will come from MasterCard. You can also find this information on your December 2018 MasterCard statement.

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