Take the Credit Union with You When You Travel

Spring break is always a popular time to travel, but the credit union has noticed that traveling, in general, is popular all year round with our members. Some members spend months planning their next vacation while other credit union members take off spontaneously. No matter how much time you spend planning for your next adventure, make sure you take a few minutes to get your account ready for travel as well.

Tell us you’re travelingBeach Chairs Palm Trees Ocean
One of the easiest, but most important steps in getting your account ready to travel is to notify the credit union that you will be traveling. If you plan on using a debit or credit card on your adventure, call our Call Center or send us a message through online banking with your dates and locations of travel. We will add this travel note to your card(s) so our Fraud Monitoring Department knows that you are making uncommon purchases in uncommon places and will help ensure you don’t have trouble using the card(s) while you travel.

Travel with more than one card
We strongly suggest to travel with more than one card just in case a card is lost, becomes damaged or restricted due to fraudulent activity. The credit union offers an excellent Platinum credit card, which is a great travel companion for our debit card. Our Platinum card has great benefits like no annual fees, no balance transfer fees, no cash advance fees, no over limit fees and a free Reward Program. When traveling internationally, it is important to know that the credit union does have a 1% Foreign Transaction fee for debit card and credit card purchases.

Card Alerts - Stay SecureActivate Card Alerts
The credit union offers Card Alerts, which are convenient to have in place on any given day, but especially when you travel. Card Alerts are a great service that allows you to be notified of certain types of account activity so you can decide whether the transaction is suspicious or not. You can elect to have alerts sent to you via email or text messaging (keep in mind data and messaging charges may apply) for purchases over a chosen amount, online purchases, international transactions and declined purchases. Text message alerts are only available within the US so if you plan to use Card Alerts while traveling or living outside of the US, chose email notifications. Register for Card Alerts today.

Online Banking/Mobile Banking is your lifeline
A necessity to any successful vacation is access to Mobile Banking and Online Banking. Logging in to check up on your account will give you the peace of mind that everything is going as planned so you can continue enjoying your vacation. You will also have access to Bill Pay so you can quickly and easily schedule a payment and then move on to the next adventure. In the rare situation that you find there is an issue with your account or cards, online banking provides you a life line directly to the credit union through messaging so a resolution can be initiated.

Overdraft line of credit is the best travel companion
An Overdraft Line of Credit is another great travel companion because it will help cover your checking account if a vacation becomes too much fun. If your checking account balance is running low or negative, an Overdraft Line of Credit can advance to pay the insufficient amount avoiding the $30.00 insufficient funds fee. It is true that the Overdraft Line of Credit accrues interest on balances owing, but this is pennies compared to the $30.00 fee for each transaction that takes an account negative or further negative.

Guy standing in airportHaving your account ready for travel will help ensure that your next big vacation is successful and you are ready to go at the drop of a hat. Always make sure that the credit union has the best phone number and the best email address to contact you. Apply for our Overdraft Line of Credit and/or Platinum card to prepare your account for future adventures.