Why is Online/Mobile Banking not working?

As of 01/31/18, we have switched over to TLS 1.2 as older versions have been deemed no longer adequate from a security perspective. You will find device specific information below which will help you determine if you need to update browser settings/operating systems to be compatible with TSL 1.2.   Android Our mobile application supports Android OS 5.0 or newer. Apple Our mobile application supports IOS 11.4 or newer. Browsers The majority of newer browser versions are compatible with TLS 1.2. If your online banking is not working with your... Read More

What can I do to protect my phone or mobile device and keep my information safe?

Treat your smart phone like a computer and protect it with anti-virus software. Use the Keypad lock or phone lock function of your mobile device when not in use. Delete text messages, e-mails, and other sensitive information before loaning out or selling your mobile device. Avoid storing passwords or other sensitive information on your mobile device where it could be discovered if your device is lost or stolen. Never disclose via text message, phone call or e-mail your personal or financial information, Account numbers Passwords Social Security Number Date of... Read More

Is there a cost for mobile banking?

Credit Union of Denver does not charge a fee. Depending on the terms of your contract, your wireless carrier may charge you for using web-enabled features on your device.

What happens if I get locked out of mobile banking?

For your security, your account is locked if you have incorrectly entered a password too many times in a row. To reset your password using your mobile app Click on the forgotten password at the login screen. Enter the required fields and click Reset Password, this will send a temporary password, sent to the email address on file. Use the temporary password to login into the mobile app, The app will prompt you to change the temporary password to a permanent password of your choice. To reset your password over the phone 303.239.1150 or... Read More

How can I use the mobile app?

For Devices using Apple IOS or Android Download the Credit Union of Denver app (available at your app store). Open the application. At the login screen, enter your User ID and Password. After entering your User ID and Password, an email will automatically be sent to your primary email address containing a security code. Check your email for the code and enter the code on the “Security Code” screen. Enter. **Please note: If you don’t have your current email address on file with Credit Union of Denver, please update it... Read More