Why is Online/Mobile Banking not working?

As of 01/31/18, we have switched over to TLS 1.2 as older versions have been deemed no longer adequate from a security perspective. You will find device specific information below which will help you determine if you need to update browser settings/operating systems to be compatible with TSL 1.2.   Android Our mobile application supports Android OS 5.0 or newer. Apple Our mobile application supports IOS 11.4 or newer. Browsers The majority of newer browser versions are compatible with TLS 1.2. If your online banking is not working with your... Read More

I’ve opened Quicken and tried to connect to you to download my files; it does not work. How can I do this?

To export your transactions, hover cursor over Accounts, then click on Export. Choose the account you would like to export history. Select Quicken Web Connect as your Export format, and click the Download Data button. Do this for each account you wish to export. Open Quicken. The exported history items will be automatically uploaded. Our Online Banking Export feature is compatible with the most current version of Quicken as well as QuickBooks.

How do I transfer funds?

Once you have logged into your account online, hover your cursor over “Accounts” then click on transfers.

How can I change my address?

You can change your address by logging into your account and clicking on user options and then click change address. Or you may complete and sign this form.  Once the form is completed you can Fax 303.239.1108, Mail Credit Union of Denver, P.O. Box 261420, Lakewood, CO 80226, Scan and send through our secure email portal.

Mobile App password reset

Click on the “Forgotten Password?” link at login screen of your mobile app, enter the required fields and click “Reset Password”, this will send a temporary password, sent to the email address on file. Use this temporary password to login into the mobile app, the app will prompt you to change the temporary password to a permanent password of your choice. Important: We do not have access to your password. In the case of a forgotten password, please use our password reset tool or contact us to reset your password.