When I log into bill pay the screen reads my session is timed out –

If you are using a Mac, we suggest to not use Safari as a web browser. Please use another browser such as Google Chrome or Fire Fox.

If you have changed browsers and the problem persists, make sure you have enabled 3rd party cookies.

Each browser has a different set of instructions. To enable cookies please follow the instructions below.

Enable third party cookies for Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on Control Panel
  2. Choose Internet Options
  3. On the General tab, click the Delete button under the Browsing History to remove cookies
  4. Click on the Advance tab
  5. Under the Browsing title, click on the box next to Enable third-party browser extensions
  6. Click Ok

Enable third party cookies for Safari in Mac OS X:

  1. Start Safari
  2. From the Safari drop down list select Preferences
  3. Click the Privacy icon
  4. Next to Block cookies, select the from third parties and advertisers radio button.
  5. Close the preferences window.