Making a Difference

Volunteers are the backbone of Credit Union of Denver. For over 85 years, the credit union has provided value and financial stability to its members. This accomplishment can be attributed to the expertise of the past and present volunteers. Volunteers determine the direction of the credit union and approve policies that govern the credit union’s operations and growth.

By becoming a board or committee member, you have the opportunity to:

  • Be a representative voice for your fellow members
  • Build your résumé while gaining knowledge & experience
  • Learn about running a financial institution

Here is a testimonial from the perspective of one of our volunteers’.

“As a member of the Board of Directors of the Credit Union of Denver I find it both a privilege and an honor to serve our community, that is, our members. I am of the belief that what good things we receive from our community should be repaid in some sort of service back. I was engaged for over thirty years in both the public and private workforce and I fully understand that was paid for, in part, by taxes and other public subsidies. My family has enjoyed the benefits of our society with education, work opportunities and an affiliation with our neighbors. Our members represent contributors to each of those components.

I realize that for many, the time commitment to volunteer to serve on a credit union committee or the Board itself can be daunting. In this busy world of work, children and grandchildren’s school activities and other important life matters we must judge for ourselves if the additional commitment has value. Personally, I feel it is tremendously worth it, especially when I meet members individually or read their comments regarding the service they receive from our staff and management team.”

Michael Chevarria, Secretary-Treasurer, Credit Union of Denver

Basic Functions of the Volunteer Positions

Board of Directors Board members are responsible for establishing policies for the credit union operations and activities. They provide leadership through sound judgment in business and financial matters involving members and the community. The Board of Directors meet once a month and occasionally an additional meeting may be called for special matters.

The Supervisory & Credit Committees Committee members are responsible for the accurate financial reporting and safeguarding members’ assets through auditing and supervision of our operations as governed by the bylaws and the state and federal regulators. This committee meets once a month.
If you or someone you know would like to be a part of guiding our credit union into a bright future, we would love to talk with you. For any questions regarding any of the three committees, please contact our Credit Union of Denver Executive Assistant, Katie Danek at 303.239.1113.