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Credit Union of Denver Membership

As the oldest Credit Union in Colorado, Credit Union of Denver has been serving its member-owners since 1931.

Why Us? The Answer is Simple. 

We are a dedicated group of employees that work with the philosophy of “People Helping People”. We want to assist our members to make the most of their financial lives. Whether that is getting their first checking account, providing education on how to fix credit, or steps to take to buy a home. Our products and services are designed to provide a wide variety of financial solutions because we are always here for you. 

We have a group of volunteers that help guide the Credit Union. They are voted in by our member-owners (which is what you’ll become once you belong to Credit Union of Denver). Each member gets one vote, regardless of the number of shares owned. One person, one vote means that control and direction of the Credit Union is not based on the financial resources of a few members, but on the needs of the entire membership!

We Welcome Your Membership!

What’s even better is most anyone can belong to Credit Union of Denver! 

Here are all the ways you may be eligible to join us:  

  1. Any family member  of a current member can join.
  2. If you live or work in any of the following Colorado counties:
    • Adams
    • Arapahoe
    • Boulder
    • Denver
    • Douglas
    • Jefferson
  3. We also have a list of federal government agencies, education institutions, and other employers that are eligible to join. Check out the list:
    List of Eligible Employers and Associations  
  4. If the above options do not apply, you will be eligible to join by becoming a member of Consumers United Association. And once you become a member, your family members are eligible to join us as well!

Becoming a Member of Credit Union of Denver is Easy!

Our quick and easy online Membership Application is just a click away! Or if you prefer to talk with someone in person, please stop into any of our branch locations, or give us a call at 303.234.1700 | 800.279.3288. Did one of your friends or family members refer you? Check out our membership referral incentives!

All that is required is an initial $5 deposit into a savings account (this is your membership share), your Social Security Number, and a valid government picture ID.

Join Credit Union of Denver today and start building your financial future with us! We’re here to help you with such financial matters as financing your next vehicle, opening a checking account with a free Debit Card and access to over 30,000 free ATMs – to starting a retirement fund, or even showing you how to increase your credit score. Whatever it may be, we’re here to be your financial partner for your lifetime!

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