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Credit Unions for Kids

We are proud to announce that we are supporting Credit Unions for Kids!

Credit Unions for Kids is the brand under which America's credit unions, including Credit Union of Denver, fundraise for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since Credit Unions are member-owned, not-for-profits, our main focus is our members and community. Credit unions are driven by the philosophy of "people helping people", and our support of CMN Hospitals is a great example of the ways credit unions give back and support their communities. In fact, since the creation of the CU4Kids brand in 1996, the credit union industry has raised $200 million for affiliated children's hospitals - over $13.6 million in 2019 alone! The credit union community has established a wonderful legacy at hospitals across the country, funding breakthrough research, numerous programs and services and construction of new facilities.


Donate today! Every little bit makes a difference. Simply select Children’s Hospital Colorado from the dropdown menu, or the local hospital in your state.

2022 Pet Calendar

Supporting Foothills Animal Shelter with our Annual Pet Calendar.

The Why - Local Support

Making a difference in the lives of our community and members who reside here with their furry friends is important to us. We believe that supporting Foothills Animal Shelter can have a direct impact on our community. When one of the pets at Foothills Animal Shelter finds a fur-ever home, we know that the act of bringing in an unconditional loving animal affects the human just as much as the animal! We like to ask…Who Rescued Who?

Our Annual Pet Calendar is a collaborative effort with our members and community. We ask our vendors to donate advertising dollars that help offset the cost of printing the calendar. So when you see an ad in the calendar, know they are supporting this paws-itively good cause and allows more of the proceeds to go to the shelter.

The pet photos are an outstanding way to share the joy that comes from owning a pet and helping to raise money for a great resource within our community. We thank everyone who has been gracious enough to submit their photos of their beloved furry friends. Supporting Foothills Animal Shelter and creating this calendar is a labor of love for us. 

Here is a little information from The Foothills Animal Shelter website to understand why we do this every year.

About Foothills Animal Shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter LogoFoothills Animal Shelter is an open-admissions facility, which means we never turn away an animal. We care for more than 9,200 orphaned cats, kittens, dogs, puppies and critters every year with a compassionate team of staff and volunteers. (Unfortunately, we cannot accept wild animals; they should be taken to organizations that specialize in their care.) We are a true community resource and offer a variety of services including pet adoption, Jefferson County pet licensing, affordable spaying and neutering, vaccinations, micro chipping and lost and found pets. We are committed to our important mission and the life-saving work that we do every day of the year.

Years Past – Look how far we’ve come

So far, Credit Union of Denver members and our community have donated a total of $138,108.67 to Foothills Animal Shelter. Our hope is to continue this tradition for years to come. Below are some of the previous calendars’ cover pets!

Robin a black and white Border Collie on the 2022 Pet Calendar

In 2022 Robin was the featured cover pet.

Small white dog named Pyper standing on tree stump with tongue out

In 2021 Pyper was the featured cover pet.

Tan and white pitbull named Chapo standing in snow looking at camera

In 2020 Chapo was the featured cover pet.

White and brown dog named Chester laying in grass

In 2019 Chester was the featured cover pet.

Small brown dog named Clady in front of fence looking at camera

In 2018 Clady was the featured cover pet.

Porter a small hound dog jumping in snow with ears flopping in the air

In 2017 Porter was the featured cover pet.

German Shepherd named Enzo standing on large rocks with tongue out

In 2016 Enzo was the featured cover pet.

Close up of large black and brown dog in front of blue sky

In 2015 Berlin was the featured cover pet.

Large black and white dog named Ginger in the snow

In 2013 Ginger was the featured cover pet.

Member Appreciation Day

Relive our 90th Anniversary Member Appreciation Day & Youth Event that took place on August 14, 2021.

Girl getting a butterfly painted on her face

People talking at Member Appreciation day next to dogs and balloons

Girl throwing velcro axe at a giant target

Close-up of a smiling girl with stuffed animal and painted arm

Member Appreciation day showing lots of people in tents

C·U·D employee talking with member at table

The band Thumpin playing music at the event

People walking around the vendor tables at Member Appreciation Day

Family playing the Fun Ball Toss game. Mom and two girls

Members getting tickets at the C·U·D tent

Person being handed a spoon for ice cream

Parents watching their kids play in a Bounce Castle

Little girl and mom petting a small dog being held by a Foothills Animal Shelter employee

People inside of a photo booth. Can only see their legs.

People eating food in front of a catering company's tent

Close-up of a girl's painted face.

We want to thank all those who were able to attend and make our 90th Anniversary special! We value the lifelong financial partnership of our members and will continue to provide superior value, products and services. Here's to another 90 years!

Annual Shred Event

We held our Annual Shred Event on April 17th, 2021. We had three shred trucks waiting to assist our members with their personal shred.

While this was a free event, we did collect donations on behalf of the Foothills Animal Shelter. Our members lined up around the neighborhood (a record breaking 649 cars), filled our three trucks, and generously donated $2,029 for the shelter! 

All the shredded paper will be turned into paper pulp and be upcycled into other useful items. Thank you to our Credit Union of Denver members and our employees who came out on this typical snow flurry, cool and sunny Colorado spring day! A job well done during Earth Month!