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Savings Accounts

Savings account options to fit your needs

What are you saving for? Maybe it’s a dream vacation (we could all use one of those right about now) or a new home. Whatever you can dream up, we want to help you achieve your goals with both traditional and high yield savings account options. Let’s get started.

Savings Account (Prime Share)

(This establishes your membership)
Current Rate: 0.05% APY*

It only takes a $5 balance to begin, and you can take advantage of all the C·U·D benefits. It’s easy to get started!

  • $5 balance is required for membership
  • Earns dividends (interest compounded and credited monthly)
  • May be used as a free overdraft protection source
  • No Service Fees
  • A secondary savings (Special Share Account) is available with the same account number & ownership

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Money Market Account

Best Rate: 0.40% APY*

Money Market Accounts offer flexible tiered savings that earn an excellent rate of return. Remember, the more you save, the more you earn!

  • $1,000 Minimum to earn interest (see current rates for details)
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Higher balances earn higher interest rates (interest compounded and credited monthly)
  • May be used as a free overdraft protection source
  • No service or low balance fees

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High Yield Money Market Account

Best Rate: 1.00% APY*

High Yield Money Market Accounts offer flexible tiered savings that earn a premium rate of return over the regular Money Market account. These high yield savings accounts are great as a ‘liquid’ or easily accessible investment option.

  • $10,000 Minimum to earn interest (see current rates for details)
  • If your balance falls below the minimum at any time during the month, a fee will be charged at the end of the month (see current fee schedule)
  • Allows 3 free withdrawals or transfers per month, each additional withdrawal will be charged a fee (see current fee schedule)

Call us today at 303.239.1150 | 800.279.3288.

Holiday Savings Account

Current Rate: 0.35% APY*

Be proactive and tackle holiday spending with our Holiday Savings Account! It lets you save all year, so you won’t feel the pinch during the holiday season.

  • $5 minimum deposit
  • Earns dividends (credited at maturity)
  • This “special add on” account will allow you to add funds all year long, while it restricts withdrawals, it automatically rolls into your Prime Share Account on November 1st

Call us today at 303.239.1150 | 800.279.3288.

Our Youth Savings Account is specially designed for younger members (0-17 years old) and earns a generous rate of return and other special benefits.

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Need another Savings? Use our Multiple Share Account. It’s an additional savings account with a unique number that may have the same or different ownership than the Prime Share Account.

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For long-term savings and investments, we offer Individual Retirement Accounts & Certificates at different term limits. Find out more information on IRAs & Certificates.

We offer a dedicated wealth management professional to take a fresh look at your investment strategies. The professionals of the Investment and Retirement Center, located at Credit Union of Denver, provides investment advice, asset management and insurance services through LPL Financial.

Previously known as Coverdell IRAs, this account lets you contribute up to $2,000 per year for each child. Your contributions are not tax deductible, but your principal and earnings will not be subject to tax when you withdraw the funds for education expenses. Funds can also be transferred from one child’s account to another child’s account within the family.

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Please note: All our IRA products and Education Savings Accounts are subject to eligibility requirements as required by the I.R.S. Discuss with your tax advisor for the details or go to for more information.

An account designed for children under the age of 21. The custodian of this account is the only person that may withdraw funds for the benefit of the minor. Under UTMA, an appointed custodian manages the minor’s account until the child is of age (usually 18 or 21). The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act also shields the minor from tax consequences. Please consult your tax representative for more details. If you have any general questions, we are here to help. Give us a call at 303.239.1150 | 800.279.3288.

We offer business savings and checking accounts. For more information see our Business Account page.

A Trust is a powerful estate-planning tool to manage your assets throughout your lifetime and beyond. It allows you to provide detailed instructions or conditions on how and when to distribute everything you worked so hard to achieve. To establish a Trust, you’ll need to work with a professional who will help you choose the right type of Trust and make sure your wishes are clearly communicated. Once established, you’ll need a place to transact on your trust. That’s where we come in.

To get started with a new Trust Account, you’ll need your trust documents and some time to speak with one of our member service team.  They will instruct you what you will need to provide to complete the process. Come in or give us a call to make an appointment at 303.239.1150 | 800.279.3288.

This account is set up specifically for Social Security distributions for one beneficiary and administered by one representative payee as determined by the Social Security Administration. If you have any general questions, we are here to help. Give us a call at 303.239.1150 | 800.279.3288.

Please consult with your tax professional to see what may benefit you.

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Early withdrawal penalties and other fees may reduce earnings. Rates are subject to change at any time. Rates Current as of 10/01/2022. Savings accounts are federally insured by NCUA for up to $250,000. For explanation of NCUA coverage see our Membership Booklet and Truth in Savings information located on our website at or available online at Credit Union of Denver membership is required.