So many choices, so little money and so much potential!

Managing your independence

This is an exciting time in your life, and your whole future is before you. As the next few years will determine the financial course of your life, you’ll want to manage your finances wisely to make your money go farther and secure your future lifestyle. With SMART financial choices now, you’ll reap the benefits later. Choosing Credit Union of Denver (C·U·D) is one of the wisest decisions you’ll make!

Most of our services are free and without fees, and you are guaranteed the ultimate convenience with our nationwide shared branch and free ATM network. This network is not just convenient for you, but also to those who may want to contribute to your college funds.
With C·U·D you keep more of your money for yourself. Fees add up over time and at C·U·D, you don’t have to worry about those outrageous and often hidden fees like you do with a bank. Let us help you to manage your money, establish good credit, and get a car loan. We offer credit coaching, tools and services to help educate you on ways to save more and spend wisely. When the time comes to use your credit, like for an auto loan, you will be ready to pursue your new ride with confidence. Independence is not given, it is earned through wise choices and good judgment. We want you to succeed with your personal finances.

budgeting worksheet - piggy bank with glasses and calculator

Click here for our Budgeting Worksheet. This can help you save more money, decrease your debts and even increase your credit score over time!

Links and Articles for guidance

Community College of Denver and Metro State University are on the Auraria Campus in Denver and have been one of our strongest Select Employer Groups. Both their students and faculty can take advantage of all our benefits and the branch we have on campus!

Colorado Christian University students and faculty are eligible to maximize all the benefits of membership.

Visit the below sites for more insight on how to become financially stable and successful. There are tips and helpful ideas to stretch your money farther and how to save for your future.

 guide to money