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Bill Pay

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to write a check again!
We’ll show you how!
    • Pay bills free in a fraction of the time with the click of your mouse
    • Aggregate all your bills in one place for easier tracking
    • Save money on checks, envelopes and stamps with Bill Pay
    • Have peace of mind knowing you’re in control of your finances

  • Schedule bills to be paid one time or monthly with the amount you choose on the date you set up
  • Your information is protected by the latest security measures
  • No more lost or misplaced payments in the mail
  • Access your transaction history for each bill paid and see your pending payments 24 hours a day


View and/or print your statements right on-line on the first business day of the month, including statements back to 2001! It’s safer and more secure than a paper statement delivered to your mailbox and there is no chance of mail theft.
    • Save time when accessing your statement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • No waiting for snail mail as you’ll receive your monthly account statement on the first business day of the month.
  • Your account information is password protected and more secure than receiving paper statements in your mailbox.
  • If you are having issues viewing or printing eStatements due to the recent upgrades, please follow these step-by-step eStatement instructions.
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Direct Deposit

In banking, a direct deposit (or direct credit) is a deposit of money by a payer directly into a payee’s bank account. Direct deposits are most commonly made by businesses in the payment of salaries and wages. These are usually referred to as electronic funds transfers (EFT) and use online connections from the payroll accounting department of our members’ employer or government agency like the Social Security Department.
We have a form you can take to your prospective payer to make the process easier for you. If you find you need any additional help or questions about getting this service set up, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.
You will need our routing number and your account number to set up any EFT. Our Routing Number is #307075259.
Click for more information regarding mobile deposit.

Online Security

Be Smart and Be Safe!
Scammers, hackers, and identity thieves are always looking for opportunities to steal your personal information and your money. There are steps you can take to protect yourself, like keeping your computer software up-to-date and giving out your personal information only when you have a good reason.
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