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Routing # 307075259

Lost or Stolen Debit & Credit Cards

Don't worry, we've got your back

If you are missing your Credit Union of Denver Debit or Credit Card, or believe it to have been stolen, please report it to us right away. We’ll help to get you a replacement card with a new card number and lock your old card so it can’t be used. 

In the event that your C·U·D Mastercard(s)® is lost or stolen, please call one of the following numbers immediately:

  • Card Department during normal business hours
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Card After Hours
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Card After Hours

Prevent fraud, sign up for Card Alerts!

Registration is Easy:

Register your Debit Card

Credit Union of Denver Card Alerts can help you stay informed about your account! Sign up for these free alerts and you can be notified via email and/or text messaging for certain types of account activities* such as:

  • Purchases over an amount of your choosing
  • Online purchases – card is not present at time of purchase
  • International transactions – email alerts only when traveling
  • Declined purchases

*Please note Card Alerts are free to use, but messaging and data rates may apply from your communications service provider. Subject to eligibility and further review.