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Card Control

Set-up Alerts, Limits & Lock your Cards

Card Control is now available for sign-up, exclusively within our Mobile App! As Card Control has now launched, we recommend logging in to our Mobile Banking app and registering your C·U·D cards. If you haven't downloaded our Mobile Banking app yet, now is the perfect time to get started:

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The free* Credit Union of Denver Mobile App combines the benefits of Online Banking with the power of your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™. Download it in the App Store or Google Play.

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Introducing Complete Card Control with Card Lock. Alerts, Limits, Lock

Card Control Features

  • Card Lock – Turns your Debit, Credit or HELOC Card “Off” to block all purchases, or “On” to allow purchases.
  • Spending Limits – Declines transactions that surpass the limit set by you.
    • Per Transaction Limit
    • Per Month Limit
  • Transaction Alerts – Be alerted via text message for all transactions that occur on that card.
  • Spending Alert – Alerts for transactions that surpass the limit set by the member.
    • Per Transaction Alert
    • Per Month Alert
  • Alert Devices - Manage the device you will receive alerts on for that card.

Card Control & Alerts Demo

This video demonstrates Card Control & Alerts via the Credit Union of Denver Mobile App.

Card Department

  • Card Services during regular business hours 303.963.1340

Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Credit Card – After Hours 866.820.5890
  • Debit Card – After Hours 888.918.7746

FAQs About C·U·D Card Control

You can enroll any Credit Union of Denver Debit, Credit or HELOC card with Card Control.

No, as an authorized user you can only enroll one phone number per card. However, different cards may have different alert destinations.

Yes, after enrolling in Card Control you will automatically receive alerts for any declined purchases. You cannot opt out of this.

We don’t charge a fee, but alerts will be sent to your mobile phone via text message and standard text message and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier may apply. Please check with your mobile carrier to ensure that you own an SMS-capable mobile device that is registered on a carrier network and elected for a data plan that includes use of SMS capabilities.

Acceptance of messages received is the sole liability and responsibility of the cardholder.

  1. Download and log-in to our Mobile App
  2. Select the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner
  3. Select 'Card Control' from the menu
  4. Select 'Add a Card'
  5. All cards associated with the member’s account will be listed here. (Keep in mind, Online Banking profiles are account specific, therefore only cards associated with the account the member is logged into will display here.)
  6. Select the card you would like to register
  7. Next select a pre-established device or add a new device
  8. Name your Device
  9. Add a phone number for your device
  10. The device you just created will now display as a device option
  11. You can now assign Controls and Alerts to any registered card

Card Control is only available via Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Typically, responses arrive within two minutes, but timing may vary. You may experience delays or failures in delivery of an alert because of any of the following circumstances:

  1. merchant delay in processing a transaction;
  2. delays and/or failures attributable to network operators and telecommunications providers;
  3. if your mobile device is off or out of operating range of a carrier with an appropriate signal for SMS and/or data services;
  4. a variety of other wireless service and coverage conditions

No. Text message alerts can only be sent via U.S. carriers and will only be receivable in the U.S. 

First, login to our Mobile Banking app and Lock you card.  This will make your card unusable. Then please contact us:

Card Department

  • Card Services during regular business hours 303.963.1340

Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Credit Card – After Hours 866.820.5890
  • Debit Card – After Hours 888.918.7746

Text messages are unique in that they can only hold 160 characters. Some commands require multiple messages to return all of the necessary information.

Yes. Our first priority is to protect your personal information. If you ever receive a text message asking for your member number, account numbers or other personal information, DO NOT RESPOND!

In order to receive alerts to your new phone number, you will need to change the destination device for your card in the Mobile App with the new mobile number.

Please call Credit Union of Denver to unenroll. 

Card Department

  • Card Services during regular business hours 303.963.1340

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 303.963.1340 | 800.279.3288 or through our secure mail.

*Please note:  Message and data rates may apply from your communications service provider. Subject to eligibility and further review.

To avoid errors for new users, or if you are having issues using the mobile app, make sure you are using the most updated version of the application.

Carrier message and data rates may apply.