Credit Union of Denver has been serving its members since 1931. This makes us the oldest credit union in Colorado. We provide security, confidence and education to assist our members in their pursuit of financial success.  Our personal service, fewer fees, excellent rates, convenience and our dedication to our members’ success set us apart from all other financial institutions.

Control of our credit union and its management is in the hands of our members. Once a year, our members elect a Board of Directors, Credit Committee and Supervisory Committee. Each member gets one vote, regardless of the number of shares owned. One person, one vote means that control and direction of the credit union is not based on the financial resources of a few members, but on the needs of the entire membership.

Join Now!

There are many different ways to join Credit Union of Denver.

First and foremost, ANY family member of a current member can join.

If you live or work in any of the following Counties:

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • Jefferson

Or, we have a list of federal government agencies, education institutions and other employers that are also eligible. Check out the list within the link provided.

2019 List of Eligible Employers and Associations

If the above options do not apply, you will be eligible to join by becoming a member of Consumers United Assoc. And once you become a member, your family members are eligible to use our financial products and time-saving services as well!

Our easy, quick online Membership Application is just a click away, or if you prefer to talk with someone in person, please stop into any of our branches.

All that is required is an initial $5 deposit into a savings account (this is your membership share), your Social Security Number and a valid government picture ID.

Join Credit Union of Denver today and start building your financial future with us. Whether you are looking to finance your next vehicle, open a checking account with a free Debit Card and access to over 30,000 free ATMS, or start a retirement fund, we want to start building a financial relationship with you!