Retaining quality personnel in today’s competitive job market requires offering an employee benefit package that outshines your competition. By offering Credit Union of Denver products and services to your employees, your company is providing both a low-cost alternative to the traditional banking environment and a lifetime of value.

Benefit Costs Are On the Rise

Human Resource executives are experiencing a tough time offering cost-effective and meaningful employee rewards programs during a time when health care costs continue to rise and employer contributions to under-funded pensions shrink even more. While many corporations are asking employees to do more with less and offering few, if any, pay increases, they are also asking employees to contribute a greater percentage toward their own medical insurance coverage. In addition, convenience benefits (developed to attract and retain talent) offered by many corporations in the 1990s are disappearing.

Business Impact of Financially Stressed Employees

According to a Virginia Tech Study, “Personal Finances and Worker Productivity,” an employee who is stressed about money matters costs employers. This is primarily due to work time wasted and absenteeism. This same study states that 15% of employees are so worried about financial matters that productivity is negatively impacted.

A Convenient and No-Hassle Option

By establishing a Select Employee Group (SEG) relationship with Credit Union of Denver, your company will be offered the following benefits:

  • Ability to refer employee financial planning and budgeting questions to a reliable and trusted source
  • Improved employee benefit programs at no cost┬áto you
  • Free onsite presentations and exhibits at benefit fairs
  • A way to show your employees that you care about their financial well-being

Joining Credit Union of Denver has never been easier to become part of our growing family!

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When your company becomes a member, your employees can enjoy a complete range of financial services and products, plus the personalized attention and service our Credit Union members have enjoyed for years. It’s easy to qualify, simply contact:

Michele Lee
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