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Contactless Credit Cards - What you need to know

Starting February 25th, we will be mailing out New Platinum Contactless MasterCards to our cardholders. The card will come equipped with new contactless technology, a New look, a New card number and New expiration date!  The new card will carry the same credit limit and great low rate as the old card. Cardholders should have received a letter in the mail regarding this announcement.

Remember! The OLD Card will be shut down by April 30, 2022. 

This new feature allows you to “Tap & GO” at all checkout card readers with this contactless symbol.  However, with this new update, the Card Alerts feature will have a delayed activation. They won’t work right away on the new credit cards. We are implementing a more robust Card Alerts program soon. One of the new features is Card Lock. We hope you will be pleased with the new additions to this service.  We will send out a notification when it is ready to implement.

Please make sure Credit Union of Denver has your most current address and phone number. The easiest way to assure we have the most updated information is through online or mobile banking. If your information needs to be updated, you can update it while you are logged into your account. 

Please note: if your address is set up to forward mail from an old address, credit cards WILL NOT FORWARD.

  • If you do not have access to online/mobile banking, please contact us.
  • If your contact information is not updated, you will not receive your new card.

Once you receive your New Platinum Contactless MasterCard:

  1. Be sure to activate it right away.
  2. Set up your personalized PIN.
  3. Don’t Forget –
    1. You must notify all merchants that use your card for automatic payments with your new number and expiration date

Card Alerts will still work on the Debit MasterCards. Your New Contactless MasterCards will still include the EMV chip and magnetic strip. This just provides you the convenience to tap and pay.

If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 303.963.1340 or 800.279.3288 and ask for the Card Department. 


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