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Protect Yourself

Look Out For These 3 Holiday Fraud Threats

As we head into the holiday season, be aware of these possible fruad scams... 

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Suspicious Texts

Learn about recent texting scams and what to do if you receive a suspicious text.

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Freezing Your Credit

Chances are pretty good that somewhere in the last few years, you heard about something called a credit freeze. 

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QR code scams are on the rise

Cybercriminals are increasingly using malicious QR codes to trick consumers. Here's how to avoid getting duped.

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Member's real scammer story - it's a must read

One Members real story of falling victim to a scammer. It's a must read...

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Accounts Drained by Smishing Scam

What to do if you are suspicious of a text or email...Stop - Double Check

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Zelle Scam Info

Cybercriminals continue using Zelle to scam victims. Protect Yourself... Never give out your online banking credentials. 

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National Slam the Scam Day Approaching on March 10

Chances are someone you know has received an ominous call or message from someone pretending to be from the government, alleging that your information has been compromised or demanding immediate payment. Ignore it.

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Phone Scammers Use Big Tech As Lures

Holiday Phone Scams have begun. Learn about vishing and how to protect yourself.

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How to Send Money with Zelle® Safely

Located conveniently in your Credit Union of Denver app, Zelle® enables you to send and receive money with friends and family, no matter where they bank. Follow these easy tips to use Zelle safely:

1. Only send to those you know and trust
2. Beware of payment scams
3. Treat Zelle like cash

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