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Smart Money

Enrich - Financial Education That Pays

Enter to Win $1000 – in 10 minutes or less! 

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8 Reasons to Use a HELOC

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) can be of valuable financial option for homeowners. The great thing is you can use the funds from a HELOC for just about anything!

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Planning for Ups and Downs

Market volatility has the potential to erode your net worth. You can take steps now to help insulate your wealth against future market fluctuations.

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Save on Your Wireless Bill


Save up to $360 per year on your wireless bill when you switch to no-contract wireless. Keep your phone, number and network for less.

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How Do You Pick the Best Checking Account?

Know how to pick the best checking account for you.

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Did You Know… there is a business impact of financially stressed employees?

When someone is stressed about their money at home, it can take a toll on their professional life.

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A Three-Digit Monster

Are you afraid of your credit score? If so, we understand. Those three little numbers seem — more than ever — to be looked at as a measure of your adulthood and overall capability. However, you’re only hurting yourself by avoiding that three-digit number.

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