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Credit Union of Denver is Smart, Like YOU!

A question we hear often at Credit Union of Denver is, ‘why don’t you have more branches?’

C∙U∙D follows a minimal branch philosophy, which means we keep our number of branches low while investing in technology to allow for more access 24/7. This allows for more benefits for you, our members. Here’s a little more insight on answering that very question.


The cost of opening a new branch for a financial institution is very costly, investing millions into purchasing the land and building a structure alone. Then you add in the cost of infrastructure with employees and everything else that goes into it and keeps it running every year. As a not-for-profit, doing that would take away money from going back to you – our members. Profits made by credit unions are returned to members. As members you are all part owners in the credit union, you have a say in how things are done, and you benefit from any profits made.  


By not adding more branches, we are able to enhance our tech features to make “remote” banking easier. Not that we don’t always enjoying seeing our members, we want to make it easy for you to manage your finances without worrying about coming into a physical location. We have enhanced our digital world so that everything you need can be accessed on our mobile banking app on your phone or on our website. Man smiling at his phoneWe have also upgraded our phone system so that you can speak with a representative quickly and easily and improved our Call24 system so that you can call in 24/7. (The only time you would really need to come into one of your branches is for a couple of specific instances that are not something that happens very often).

Profits that are generated go to providing better banking products and services for our member-owners. Additional benefits that we are able to fund for you by following a minimal branch philosophy include:

  • Mobile deposit
  • Zelle
  • Mobile wallet
  • Credit Score & More
  • Checking accounts that pay!
  • Great rates
  • Minimal fees
  • Free events
  • And more!

Shared Branching:

Shared BranchingIf you need to go into a branch but you aren’t near one of ours, no worries! We are a part of a Shared Branching Co-Op. This means that we align ourselves with other credit unions who collectively support each other and serve one another’s members to provide the most common transactional services. You can conduct business for your Credit Union of Denver account in a completely different Credit Union, but it will still be reflected in your C∙U∙D account.

We have over 5,600 shared branches, just look for the CO-OP Shared Branch logo around Colorado and nationwide! Additionally, we are able to offer over 30,000 free ATMs across the United States. This means you are never far from accessing your Credit Union of Denver accounts. To find the nearest free ATM or branch, simply text (91989) with a zip code and within seconds you’ll have a list of all those in the area. Other options for finding a location near you include their website at, download their app, or call them at 888.748.3266.

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