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Driving for a Living? Protect Your Assets

Do you drive with Uber Eats, Grub Hub, or Lyft?

Several members found themselves in unfortunate situations. They picked up a job delivering food and people, but when their vehicle was totaled or stolen, their personal insurance did not cover the loss. We found an article to help understand your situation (see below). We also reached out to our auto insurance service, Liberty Mutual for information directly from the source.

Most companies provide coverage once you accept an order or ride, but what about while you wait? Most companies (including Liberty Mutual) offer a Rideshare coverage endorsement to make sure you're protected every minute you're earning extra cash through delivery and service apps. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Coverage applies when your app is on and you are waiting for a passenger or order  
  • If you do not add this endorsement, you are NOT covered under your personal car insurance
  • If you already have car insurance but do not have this coverage, call your agent. Your agent will need to add a quick endorsement to your policy to add this coverage.

If you would like a complimentary review of your policy, you can contact one of Credit Union of Denver’s partners, Liberty Mutual, who can also provide a 10% discount through the Credit Union.

The Wright Team can be reached locally in Denver at 616 350 3441 (call or text).

Here’s an independent article explaining more about the need for extra insurance.

Extra Money - Needs Extra Insurance!

Does Doordash provide car insurance? Does your own car insurance policy cover you while dashing? In reality, they do NOT provide car insurance for Doordash delivery drivers or their cars, and most personal car insurances will not insure Dashers while they deliver.  Read more details.

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