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Denver’s Spookiest Halloween Haunted Houses

The Halloween season kicks off in autumn when the nights get colder, darker, and longer. What better way to enjoy the season than getting spooked at the scariest haunted houses Denver has to offer. There’s something for everyone to get into the spirit, from child-friendly to adult only. It’s your own personal call on what is the correct spookiness level for you.

The Frightmare Compound

The oldest and longest-running haunted house in Denver, The Frightmare Compound has been scaring the socks off visitors. There are two haunted experiences featured here, the Frightmare Compound and Lights out. Frightmare Compound founded in 1983, Brad Holder founded started a horror house to serve the Denver area. In his will he stated wanting to be buried on the property grounds. They say he can still be found roaming the compound, making this one of the most authentic. Hosted on special nights is – Lights Out – which allows you and your friends to wander the compound, lost in absolute darkness!

The Empty Grave Haunted House

This haunted attraction located near Wibby Brewing, will bring you face to face with terror. The Empty Grave Haunted House is an immersive interactive walk-through haunted attraction. Your adventure will feature encounters with the menacing workers of a haunted factory, as you attempt to survive your first night on the graveyard shift.Haunted house

Haunted Field of Screams

Colorado’s largest haunted attraction, The Haunted Field of Screams, backing up to the famously haunted Riverdale Road – the most haunted road in Colorado. With stories of hangings, burnings and road-side accidents, lost souls, and decrepit creatures. Rumors say long ago a man went mad, and burned down his house along Riverdale Road, with his family trapped inside, leaving only the iron gates standing. At Haunted Field of Screams visitors weave through giant corn stalks, encounter multiple haunted houses, and survive the Riverdale Gates of Hell.

13th Floor

A popular Denver haunted house, with a reputation of its own, 13th floor is known for giving its fright seeking visitors exactly what they’re looking for. Open now for 15 years, USA Today has listed it in the “Top 5 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in the U.S.A.” Their 2022 house attractions are Primal Fear, Midnight Mania, and All Hallows Eve. Along with other frightful activities including mini escape games, sensory overload, class axe throwing, and Bigfoot’s Bigshot Secret Bar.

With this list of Haunted Houses, you’re sure to find one that gives you the fright you are looking for. Happy Halloween season, hope its spooky!


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