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How to Spend Less on Date Night

Date nights are important because they give new couples a chance to get to know each other and established couples a chance to have fun and reconnect. However, date nights can get expensive. When you’re focused on improving your finances as a couple, finding ways to spend less on date night is a no-brainer. There are plenty of ways to save cash by thinking a little outside of the box, and here are just a few ideas.

Budget For and Plan Your Dates Ahead of Time

Devote one of your dates to budgeting and brainstorming. Set an overall budget for what you want to spend on your dates for a set timeframe. Together start with how much disposable income you have left and want to put toward date nights after paying monthly expenses. As well as how many date nights you would like to have per set timeframe.

Then divide the total amount you can allocate to dates by the number of dates you plan to go on, to see how much you can spend per date. You may decide you want to allot more for special occasions and less for more lowkey dates, per month instead of an equal amount for each date.

Alternate Paid Date Nights with Free Ones

If you’re looking for ways to spend less on date night, don’t focus on cutting costs on every single date. Instead, just make half of your dates cost conservative. For instance go out for a nice dinner one week, and the next, go for a drive and bring a picnic.

couple rakes leavesHave A Date and Be Productive

Getting stuff done around the house or yard may not sound all that romantic, but it can be one of the best ways to save money on date night. Plus, tackling your to-do list, like cleaning out the garage or raking leaves, can be much more enjoyable when you and your partner are together.

Enjoy Common Interests

Plan your own free or low-cost date nights around your shared interests. If you’re both avid readers, for example, going to your local library or a cool independent bookstore can make for a memorable time. If you both enjoy sports, try playing a game of tennis or pickle ball at your neighborhood park.

Find Low-Cost Options

That might include things like heading to your local farmer’s market, checking out free fairs or concerts in your area, geocaching, free days at local museums and zoos, volunteering, or go for a hike.

couple out to dinnerLeverage coupons and deals

When researching the best ways to save money on date night, don’t overlook coupon and discount sites, where you can get deals on everything from food and retail. These can be a great resource for finding deep discounts on activities you may not try otherwise.

Join Restaurant Loyalty Programs

If you’re a frugal foodie, sign up for the rewards programs and newsletters of the restaurants you frequent, for money-saving opportunities. You could earn points toward free drinks and food through the rewards program and access to coupons or other discounts through your inbox.

Once you’ve put these tips to save money on date night into practice, think about what you want to do with the cash you’re saving. Consider putting the money in a special savings account for a joint purpose you both agree on, like saving for a couple’s trip, paying down debt, or buying a home. Working as a team toward a common objective can get you excited about the future and make these budget-friendly date nights feel even more rewarding.


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