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Suspicious Texts

Recently, we have had a few members call us stating that they received a text message letting them know that there has been suspicious activity on their account. Some of these members have clicked on the link that was provided in the text message, which brought them to Credit Union of Colorado’s online banking portal, asking them to sign in. (Luckily, members did not enter in their credentials).

We wanted to inform all of our members that this is a SCAM. We currently do not send members a text with a link to click on. If you ever do click on a nefarious link, its a good idea to delete all your “cookies” and the text that was sent to you.

Another piece to the puzzle

Another one of our members also received a text message telling them that there had been some fraudulent activity and they were locked out of their account due to too many login attempts. It gave her a phone number and URL to click on that was not from Credit Union of Denver. 

Fraud & Card Alerts - Real Examples

Fraud Phone alert
This is an example of a real Fraud Alert text from us.

Card Alert text example
This is an example of a real Card Alert text from us.

As a reminder, if you are ever in doubt, please call us directly and ask us for assistance. We take account security seriously and are happy to help!

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