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Money Saving Tips for Weekend Getaways

If you’re in need of a mini vacation but don’t want to spend a lot to find a much-needed change of scenery, consider booking a weekend trip. If you’re looking to travel on a budget, consider these smart ways to save on cheap weekend getaway trips any time of year.

Enjoy A Staycation or Short Road Trip

Some of the best vacations are simply enjoying what your own town has to offer. Or consider taking a short road trip to another city or state nearby, as your cheap weekend getaway. Search for hotels in a nearby city to take advantage of discounted resident rates. When you want to visit places that are farther away, consider camping at state parks to save on accommodations, or stay at a B&B for lower rates than hotels.

Find Last-Minute Deals

Procrastination can actually pay off when it comes to cheap weekend trips. Follow airlines on social media and signing up for their email newsletters to find special offers. Call the hotel directly to see if they have any last-minute cancellations or available rooms they need to fill. Many hotels will offer a discounted rate just to keep their rooms booked for the weekend.

Make Reservations on a Saturday couple using laptop to search for deals

If you’ve been hunting for a great deal on weekend trips but still haven’t found something within your budget, hold off the search until Saturday. Saturday has become a popular day to reserve flights, and more offers tend to become available. You can find cheap weekend vacays by booking a few Saturdays ahead to take advantage of advance purchase rates. Or if you wait until the Saturday before you wish to travel, you may find some hard-to-beat deals.

Travel During the Offseason

If you can travel during the offseason or just after peak season, that’s not only one way to avoid crowds but you'll usually be able to get a better deal. Airfares for flight routes during the holiday season average 41% more expensive than other flights booked roughly six months out during non-holiday seasons. You'll spend a lot less while still enjoying the perks of high-season travel.

Keep Your Options Open

Some weekends may be cheaper to travel than others. Be mindful of festivals, annual celebrations, and special events happening in the area that could limit your options for a cheap weekend getaway. Those big events can mean higher than average hotel prices.

Travel Saturday Through Monday couple having drinks on patio

When you’re looking to travel on a budget, you can often get a lower-priced hotel and airfare for a cheap weekend trip if you book your travel dates for Saturday through Monday versus Friday through Sunday. If you can adjust your itinerary to travel on a Monday, or even fly back on a Tuesday, you could end up paying a lot less.

Extend Your Stay

By extending your weekend getaway, you may be able to take advantage of offers for a free night’s stay. Many hotels and resorts offer complimentary nights when you book three to five nights in a row. Extra nights can bring down the average daily cost of your trip and allow you to get more rest and relaxation as you travel on a budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, traveling on the weekend doesn’t have to be out of the question. Saving money on travel with these tricks can give you more freedom to spend where you need. Consider starting a travel savings account so that you can begin planning your next weekend getaway with the funds to support it. View our savings options for ideas.


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