Social Security Informational Seminar

Credit Union of Denver is hosting a Social Security Informational Seminar                   Date:    May 1st 2018 Time:    2:00 pm Where:  9277 W. Alameda Ave, Lakewood – Board Room We realize this is a popular subject, however space is limited! Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to 720.356.0103 by April 26, 2018 as this event is limited to the first 100 people who respond.   Everyone knows that Social Security is a complicated subject. We have brought together several resources for our members regarding Social Security and... Read More

Credit Union Funds are Insured

Your Money Is Safe at a Credit Union I’m shocked by how often I get asked if money is safe at a credit union, the same way it is at a bank. People want to know if their money is insured like it is at a bank. I don’t know if this is because of the perception that credit unions aren’t as old as banks (credit unions date back to 1852!), or if it’s because they seem (and often are) so much smaller than banks. Either way, I assure you... Read More

Have You Considered a Secured Card?

Secured MasterCard® The credit union offers a Secured Card, which is a fantastic financial tool that is often overlooked. This credit card has great benefits like no annual fee, no cash advance fees, no balance transfer fees, no over limit fees, a free Reward Program and is accepted wherever MasterCard® is welcomed. The first and probably most popular reason for obtaining a Secured Card is to establish or work on rebuilding credit. It can be difficult to be approved for a regular credit card (revolving unsecured credit) when you don’t... Read More

C•U•D’s Annual Shred Event 2018

The Iron Mountain Shred Trucks will be rolling into our parking lot at 9277 West Alameda for our Annual Shred Event! Join us Saturday, April 28th from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and bring your personal shred. We will be giving out green recycle grocery bags to the first 300 cars. We ask that you limit your shred to two 55 gallon trash bags worth of documents you need to dispose of securely. We love doing this event for our members. We know you love it too, so we ask for your patience,... Read More

Traveling with Your Checking Account

Take the Credit Union with You When You Travel Spring break is always a popular time to travel, but the credit union has noticed that traveling, in general, is popular all year round with our members. Some members spend months planning their next vacation while other credit union members take off spontaneously. No matter how much time you spend planning for your next adventure, make sure you take a few minutes to get your account ready for travel as well. Tell us you’re traveling One of the easiest, but most... Read More

Limited Transfers from Savings

Regulation D – What you need to know Regulation D is a federal regulation that limits the number of electronic transfers from savings accounts and money market accounts to any other share accounts. The limit per month is a maximum of six electronic transfers. An electronic transfer is any transfer that is done through online banking or Call-24 (automated phone system), any transfer requested by phone through our Call Center or any transfer that is initiated by an insufficient balance in the checking account. One other transaction that is effected... Read More