Medicare Resources

Credit Union of Denver is happy to announce that we are hosting two virtual seminars about Medicare. Both will be presented by Dennis DelPizzo of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in Denver. Dennis is a Health Insurance Specialist in External Affairs and has worked in the Medicare program for over 31 years. Below are resources that will be referenced during the presentation that you may find helpful: A Quick Look at Medicare 2021 Medicare Costs Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccine/Medicare Colorado SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program)... Read More

Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means

Americans have a love affair with credit cards. According to the latest Federal Reserve figures, we collectively have over $900 billion in credit card debt. Our nation loves to shop, but sometimes that consumerism leads to debt and a difficult financial situation. Here are some tips that’ll help you learn how to live within your means. Know your income and expenses The first thing you need to know is what’s coming in and what’s going out. Make a list of all of the income you have from your job, side work, pension, or... Read More

Social Security Administration Information on How and When to File

With you through life’s journey… Whether you are about to retire, become a full time grandparent, or start a new chapter, Social Security provides financial benefits, information, and tools to help secure today and tomorrow for you and your family. We recently held a successful Webinar for our members with SSA as the presenter. There were many questions around when to file, how working income or other income affects your social security status, if spouses are eligible for benefits after a divorce, etc. As promised, the Social Security Administration has... Read More

Retirement – Social Security Administration on Understanding Pre-Retirement

With you through life’s journey… Whether you are about to retire, become a full time grandparent, or start a new chapter, Social Security provides financial benefits, information, and tools to help secure today and tomorrow for you and your family. Today, about 178 million people work and pay Social Security taxes and about 64 million people receive monthly Social Security benefits. With retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, we improve the quality of life for millions throughout life’s journey. We’re there day one Just as we were there day one for... Read More

Balance Transfer

We’re looking out for your best interest – rate that is! At Credit Union of Denver, we are proud to offer our members, like you, valuable opportunities to help improve your financial picture. We see it as “People Helping People.”  We think you may be able to better your financial position with one of our low rate credit cards and especially now, as we have a NO FEE Balance Transfer offer. This may save you money in the long run. Transfer your credit card balance over to Credit Union of... Read More

Auto Refinance

Benefits of being a C∙U∙D member We are proud to offer our members valuable and relevant promotions in order to help improve their financial picture. We see it as “People Helping People.” We’ve identified a possible money saving option just for you! If you have a vehicle loan outside of Credit Union of Denver, this offer may put money in your pocket. If you refinance your current car, RV, or motorcycle loan (that is over $7500) to C∙U∙D, you could be eligible to receive 2% APR* off your current interest rate,... Read More

Securing the Generation Gap

Trying to securely make the most of today’s technology can be overwhelming for almost all of us, but it can be especially challenging for family members not as used to or as familiar with technology. Therefore, we wanted to share some key steps to help secure family members who may be struggling with technology and might misunderstand the risks that come with using it. Focus on The Basics Frequently, the best way to help secure others is to make security as simple as possible for them. Focus on the fewest... Read More

The 12 Scams of Christmas

Scammers make a killing during the holiday season. While you spend your time thinking of ways to bring holiday joy to others, they spend their time thinking up ways to steal from you. The saddest part about this is that the ghosts of Christmases past keep visiting Christmas present. Here are some scams to watch out for during the Holiday season. 1. The Gift Card Scam While definitely a ghost of Christmas past, this still works so scammers still do it. It’s pretty simple. The thief records the numbers displayed... Read More

COVID-19 Update from CEO

November 20, 2020 COVID-19 Update from CEO Keith Cowling The health, safety and well-being of our members and employees remain our top concern. Effective today, Jefferson County, along with several other Colorado counties, has moved to Level Red COVID-19 status.  As a critical business, our lobby will remain open during this time. We have implemented many protocols throughout the year and believe we are providing a safe environment for you to conduct your financial transactions.  We installed plexiglass shields throughout the building, conduct regular cleaning of high touch-point areas and all... Read More

Cybersecurity Webinar Video

We recently hosted an informative webinar about cybersecurity for our members, that was presented by Jim Stickley, of Stickley on Security. For those of you who were unable to attend, we’ve provided the recorded video below. We provide this important information to our members, because in an ever-changing digital world, knowledge is power in remaining vigilant against cyber criminals. If you found this information useful, feel free to pass it along to your friends and family. Thank you for being part of the Credit Union of Denver community!