Benefits of Living Frugally

The word ‘frugal’ seems to have a negative connotation. People think that if you are frugal, you are somehow missing out on life. However, living frugal is not as extreme as it sounds. It may even amaze you how you can change your life. Here are some of the benefits of frugality: 1. Saves Money Adjusting your spending habits will allow you to save more money over time. After cutting your expenses, it may amaze you how much money you can save (even in a short amount of time). This... Read More

Staycation Ideas

Have a Spa Day Two words: Spa day. Although a spa vacation may sound exciting, a great alternative to treat yourself can be making your own custom relaxing spa experience at home. To get some serious bang for your buck, grab a few face masks, some mani-pedi supplies, and have a DIY spa day. Have a Cooking Night If you’re one of those travelers who eats your way around new locales, transform your kitchen into a dining destination. Try out some new recipes and have fun creating an exotic dinner... Read More

Virtual Seminar Wills & Trusts

Join us for our first Wills & Trusts Virtual Seminar from our friends at Meet Garrett Andersen with Hughes Law Firm He usually teaches our Wills & Trusts Seminars in person, but will be coming to you live through a Zoom Webinar.  There are two dates and times to accommodate most schedules. July 8th at 6pm & July 9th at 10am Limit 50 Registrations per date Virtual Wills & Trusts Webinars offered through ZoomTo provide a popular seminar while keeping to current COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing, we have teamed up... Read More

Beware! Fraudsters using COVID-19 scare tactics

Tips for Helping You Protect Against COVID-19 Related Fraud While fraudsters are trying their best to take advantage of this tough period, there are many ways you can protect yourself to help make sure you don’t fall victim to fraud during challenging times. Be extra vigilant when receiving emails, calls or letters. First, make sure to be extra vigilant of anyone asking for personal information in the coming months and avoid clicking on any suspicious links or attachments. Be careful when receiving emails, calls or letters that appear to be official notices, and always make... Read More

2020 Voting Results are in!

The votes are in! There were 693 valid ballots cast for the election this year. Our Call for Nominations process resulted in fewer candidates as there were openings for the Supervisory Committee and the exact number of candidates as there were openings for the Credit Committee. Therefore, these candidates are considered elected by acclamation and no election by the membership was needed. For the Supervisory Committee: Pauline Borquez. For the Credit Committee: Dave Domagala and Cynthia Harris. The Board of Directors had 5 candidates running for 3 open positions. After... Read More

Special Assistance Loans & Help

Special Assistance Options: We are aware that many of you may be financially impacted due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting your job and/or employer. Find below options to assist you: Loan Payment Deferral Credit Union of Denver is offering up to 90 days of no-fee payment deferrals on existing, current loans for members who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus.  (not all loans will qualify for 90 days) Interest will continue to accrue on deferred loans. If you need a loan payment deferral, please contact us at 303.239.1150 or 800.279.3288.... Read More

How to lower your car insurance rate during the coronavirus

The coronavirus means you’re likely driving your car a lot less. If you’re driving has decreased, you should try to get your auto insurance to follow suit. Thankfully, many insurers are already offering discounts. Here’s a breakdown of some of the reductions and then a few tips if you’re not getting a good price. Reductions Allstate (and its brands Esurance and Encompass): 15 percent back on premiums in April and May. American Family Insurance: One-time $50 payment for each insured car. Liberty Mutual: 15 percent refund on premiums for April... Read More

Personal Finance Picture – Take Time to Take Stock

If you find yourself stuck at home for the foreseeable future, it may be a good idea to take an in-depth look at your finances while utilizing this time period to get things done! Here are some smart ideas: Organize your Passwords: While in quarantine, there is no better time to assemble all of your accounts, passwords and points of contact. If you have a significant other, do this together. You should update your passwords to include more characters, symbols and numbers, so they are harder for cybercriminals to crack.... Read More

8 Steps to manage your finances – Use your time wisely

60-Day Action Plan: 8 Steps on How You Can Manage Your Finances Wisely A lot of us find ourselves with a little more time on our hands. Taking advantage of this time can be adventitious for your personal financial life. Here are a few things you can do to work through the current crisis and set yourself up for better financial success in the future. 1. Get in the driver’s seat: You are in control of your financial future – nobody can or will do it for you. Although this... Read More