Received EMV Debit Cards

Due to a technical issue, some of our members received two EMV debit cards with the same card number as part of our mass reissue of (chip-enabled) cards. The cards would have come in two separate envelopes. Either one will work, so please activate and set your PIN on one and then destroy the other. Those members who had an expiration month on their previous debit card of January – June are part of the technical issue. If you have not received your new card yet, it will be coming... Read More

Shred Event

Shred Event Jpeg May 2016 1
Our Shred Event was held Saturday May 14th at our main branch at 9305 West Alameda Avenue in Lakewood. This popular annual event received over 300 cars that wrapped around the block! It was a very successful event! We recycled enough paper to fill both trucks over 75% each. That translates into approximately 8,000+ pounds, a lot of trees saved and a sizable amount of recycling material to be reused for consumer goods. Going Green is Good! Thank you all for your patience when waiting in line and of course, your shred. We look forward... Read More

Web Payment Portal Coming Soon!

Self Service Payment Portal! Anytime of day, at your convenience! We have great news for those of you that would like to make a loan or card payment yourself, at any time you want! We are introducing our Web Payment Portal very soon. This will be one of many different ways to make payments at Credit Union of Denver. The new electronic payment portal will make payments even easier, more convenient, allows you to be self sufficient and its free. To start the process, all it takes is an easy online registration. You will need to... Read More

EMV Debit is Coming

EMV Debit is Coming Are You Ready? Your new Debit Card will be arriving beginning mid-May to early June at the address we have on file. Your card will have a new number and expiration date. You will need to activate the card asap and set your PIN by calling 866-985-2273 from the phone number we have on file. As soon as you activate the new card, your old card will be deactivated and unable to be used. Please destroy your old card. If you have automatic deductions from your... Read More

2016 Scholarship Program

Thank you for your interest in Credit Union of Denver’s 2016 Scholarship Program. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. Whether that is financially or perhaps achieving a degree in a field of choice at the local university. We have been awarding scholarships to our younger members for many years. This year is no different. Credit Union of Denver will be awarding four (4) $2,500 scholarships with our 2016 Scholarship Program. Each submitted application must be completed, signed and turned in prior to the deadline of April 15, 2016. Here are the instructions to... Read More

EMV Chip Process – Easy & Secure

Step 1 – Activate Upon receiving your EMV chip MasterCard Credit Card make sure to call the activation phone number, 800.527.7728, from your phone number that is on record with the Credit Union of Denver. Please destroy your old card once you have activated your new card. Step 2 – Setup your PIN You must setup your personalized PIN through PIN NOW. Call 888.886.0083 to initiate the system that will prompt you through the PIN selection process. Please choose a four digit PIN that only you will know. Be selective,... Read More

Safeguard Tips for Using an ATM*

*Information on this page was taken directly off We feature MasterCard® as our sole credit card provider. Your ATM with the MasterCard®/Maestro/Cirrus logos provides you with a fast and convenient way to get cash worldwide. Follow these tips when using your card in the U.S. or abroad. Getting Cash with Your ATM/Debit Card Be sure the ATM displays at least one of the following logos: MasterCard®/Maestro/Cirrus. Insert your card and select a language. Many ATMs offer a variety of languages, and English is always one option on MasterCard®/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs.... Read More

Planning for College Tuition

Few people question the value of a college education, but with college tuition’s rising faster than inflation, it can be a little overwhelming for a lot of families when they stop to think what the cost of higher education could be by the time their child enters that stage of their life. While the numbers can look scary, planning for college tuition can be more affordable than you might think. Keep in mind that, according to The College Board, most families don’t pay the full sticker price for college. Most... Read More