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Credit Unions vs. Banks - Why We Do What We Do

Generally speaking, a CEO of a bank wakes up and thinks, “How do I make more money to pay my shareholders?” While a CEO of a credit union wakes up and thinks, “How do I give more money back to our members?”.

Credit union of Denver has always had our members as our priority, period. Since 1931, (We are the oldest CU in CO) our members have been the lifeblood of our organization, your credit union. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we try to keep expenses and fees low, rates competitive and use any profit generated to provide more technology, products and services for our members. We are embarking upon even more upgrades to our systems and creating more ways to support our members.

Here are a few examples of how we pay it forward and giveback rewards to our members:

  • Auto Refi - cash incentive to move auto loans over
  • Friends & Family Referral - cash incentive to help us grow
  • Youth Account - 2x a year we offer cash incentives to help our youth learn good habits
  • Provide special interest rates on investments & loans
  • Reward Checking Accounts that pay you high interest rates or cashback just for using your debit card 15x each month
  • Providing person to person transactions through Zelle™
  • Scholarships for members every year
  • Free education platforms (It's A Money Thing & Enrich) to assist with learning about all things money
  • Events to celebrate our members
  • Community support through events and charitable fundraisers
  • Keep fees low and provide multiple options for ease of using accounts online and mobile

Credit Union of Denver vs Banks InfographicKnowledge is key to making successful choices. No matter what age you are, take a look and utilize our financial education platforms to learn more about all thing’s money. Here are some of the major differences between Credit Union of Denver and a traditional bank:










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